Sunday, October 7, 2012

Conference Weekend

 Horray for conference weekend. Friday night Anth and I were able to spend the night at my parents house in good ol' Tremonton. We woke up Saturday and headed to Brigham City to watch my Nephew {JADEN} play soccer. My brother is one of the coaches. It was a riot! It only lasted for about 40 minutes (I could have watched all day) and I giggled the entire time. It is hilarious to watch them run around the field . Jaden had a smirk on his face the entire game. I love that kid. It was so fun to see Varinia and Alexa as well. The last time I saw Alexa she would stand and call it quits. Now she is walking all over the place. I need to see them more regularly. I miss them like crazy!

 After the game Kristi and Chelsea{long lost cousin}showed up. Josh, Varinia, Jaden and Alexa had to go home for a birthday party for some friends. So while they partied it up we went to Tremonton and made soup for our annual Family Soup Potluck. It is so much fun. We all make different soups and I love to see what everyone is going to create. We had Chili, Spicy Vegetable and Olive Garden Chicken and Gnocci. They all smelled delightful. While we waited for Josh and Varinia to get back we watched conference and played pool. I couldn't get my camera to cooperate in the poor lighting to forgive me for the black and white photos.
Josh and Varinia and the kids finally arrived and we indulged in our soup. It was delightful! Then the men folk got ready for priesthood session. Alexa was pretty sure she was going to be able to go with the boys.

To preoccupy ourselves Jaden and I played hide and seek for about 45 minutes. We played upstairs and it was not easy to find a new spot in the limited amount of space but we had a great time. He is pretty sneaky. We retreated downstairs and he played with his sister while us girls cried over the movie, "17 Miracles". Have you seen it? It is a remarkable movie of our pioneer ancestors and it breaks my heart when I watch it. Everyone should watch it though. 

The boys arrived and we had pie from Maddoxs and departed.

I love my family. They mean the world to me. I am always so impressed with how my brother and sister in law raise Jaden and Alexa. They are such a good example to me. I hope that me and Anth can be as great of parents as they are some day. 

Isn't family the best? 

I am so glad we were able to go down to be together for conference. It is nice to feel the spirit together as a family. 

Conference Weekend Rules!

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Katrina said...

What a fun weekend! I have to say, however, that one of the photos from the pool game took me a minute to figure out. The one on the upper right - I couldn't figure out why your cousin was showing off her naked leg - then I figured out it was the chair - awkward, ha ha ha!