Thursday, September 20, 2012



I am semi convinced that it is here. In an act of rebellion I have worn a sweater here and there to work. By time I clock out it is not 55 anymore but a sweltering 85 or 90 degrees and the a/c has had to be kicked on in the car as I roll my sweater sleeves up. I am so ready for it though! Last week while packing up a box or two I came across my Fall tote and decided to get a thing or two out.

I decided I will not be decorating the house for the holidays since we will be moving in December or January. Anth and I will not be giving each other gifts this year and we will be insanely busy so the Halloween, Tree and Christmas decor will stay packed. It is sad but seems like the brightest idea right now. Fall is my favorite though and since we still have months to go I pulled a couple things out and decorated the kitchen table. Fall makes me soooo happy!

In the "back yard" there is a beautiful tree that over the years has crept over from the neighbors pad. It is an acorn tree and I love it. Anth is not too fond of it because it is messy, and maybe I would feel the same way if it weren't for the adorable acorn gifts that it leaves behind. I have a pumpkin glass......cookie jar? I dunno what it is for, its just a decorative pumpkin. I wanted to put a candle in it. You know the cheap flamless candles? Yeah, it fits perfectly but someone (probably me) lost the battery cover so now it doesn't work. Instead I got a real candle that towers over the pumpkin. It looks ridiculous. Who cares....


The candle/pumpkin looked stupid and as I was searching for something to fill it with I looked outside and low and behold....ACORNS....all over the ground! I got on my hands and knees and started picking them up, one at a time. I became Mrs. Inspector. You can't just pick up any acorn, they have to be inspected. Some of them had little holes in them, which freaked me out.... The last thing I need is to bring nuts filled with bug into the house.
After washing the nuts I placed them in the jar. It didn't scream, "WAAMO! SHAZAM! IT IS DONE!" More like, "Good enough." I do love the acorns though.

For your enjoyment I have found some acorn projects....just in case you have a rogue acorn tree in your backyard.

Acorn Tacks
Acorn Owls
Acorn Wreath
Acorn Napkin Rings {Courtesy of Better Homes & Garden}

  Cute right? What would you do with acorns?


Anonymous said...

If you soak acorns in bleach and water then let them dry you kill any bugs in them :) I love the owl idea!

Life as Linds said...

Thanks Anonymous! That was helpful! I'll go pick up all the "rejects" and give them a bleach bath before adding them to the punpkin! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I love acorns but didnt think about the cute things to do with them. Fun.

jendegiulio said...

Those acorn owls are too cute! My grandpa has a acorn tree & it is quite messy but was fun for us kids to play with them. I love fall too especially the baking :) but I hate how it is cooler in the mornings & evenings but still heats up during the day...not exactly sure how to dress the girls they are either cold or hot lol. And I dont blame ya about the decorations for the holidays, I'd be a little sad too but so much work just to be moving in a short while.

Khinna said...

Hey Linds,
On the photo collage, I uploaded all the pictures and made them all the same black and white color scale. I cut each individual photo 4 in by 4 inch. I actually hot glued each individual photo to the wall. Lol. I should have done it on a poster board, because we are renting. Duh, Khinna, duh ;) There are actually no big family photos in our living room or dining room. This is pretty much the display, but visitors always find it interesting to come and take a closer look at. BTW, I love the acorn wreath. After October is over, I need ideas for Fall decor.