Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pinterest Project and More Birthdays

I am sure you have seen this similar project on pinterest. I saw it a couple of months ago. I didn't have the motivation to do it for myself so I have put it off. I did have motivation for my Mom's birthday though. The regular pin (which I can't find) had white pots with red polka dots. I decided to do chalk paint though. Heidi did a chalk pot on her blog that I loved. I love that she can change it up. She can erase it whenever she wants and put her street number or leave it blank if she feels the desire. I think it turned out great.  It was really easy. I got 3 terracotta pots. Cleaned them, painted with chalk paint and then I placed a paper towel to cover the draining hole. It was a significant size hole and I know it isn't a good idea to completely cover it so I put one layer of paper towel that #1 it doesn't leak dirt and #2 it is still able to drain water if it gets fed too much. I have no idea if this was a legit thing to do...but I did.

Add dirt, add flowers, and give away as a gift as soon as possible so you don't see the flowers die (:

 As soon we move I will definitely do 2 for ourselves. I am thinking one with our name and one with our house number on each side....of a porch? Yes, I want a house with a porch.

Some of you have asked if we have found a house yet. Nope, we are just in the beginning stages of looking, although we are 90% sure we have someone buying our place as soon as we move out. That will such a weight off. We have called a developer that works in DayBreak. If DayBreak doesn't work out, then I will throw a tantrum  anywhere in South Jordan will do for me. The east side is too expensive for what size we are needing/wanting and I really like the friendliness of South Jordan. It is west without the ghetto. Plus, his Dad and StepMom live there, and I am quite fond of them.

I made this (almost) seizure inducing cake for the festivals today. We celebrated Father's Day, Mom's birthday and my birthday. We all met at Wheeler Farm. It was delightful. It wasn't too hot (up until the very end). The food was great (Dad did some dutch oven cookin!) and as always it was good to see everyone. This was a record of 3 weekends in a row!

The boys had a fun time with a small water fight and baseball. Dad lost without a dout, although the photos clearly show Jaden struggling.
After dinner and presents we had cake and ice cream.
 After we were fat and happy we took a stroll down to the water to look at the ducks. Alexa was mesmerized. Jaden couldn't stop talking about the water fight. "If you don't get back up to the table, I am going to take your water bottle and use it on Grandpa!"
Thanks everyone for making my birthday special. Thanks Dad for being the best Dad ever! Your constant example and positive outlook on life are a couple of attributes that I admire the most about you. I love you so much! Thank you for being willing to do anything for not just me and Anth but for the entire family. You are one of kind. Also, I love how adorable you are with the grandkids! Where has all your energy come from?

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom. She looks so much younger than she really is. I hope I look as good as she does at that age. She has a beautiful smile and is a wonderful Grandma. I love talking to her on the phone and I know she will always there for me. Also, she makes the best funeral potatoes. No chunks, but shredded potatoes, just the way I like it. Love you Mom!

Hope everyone is having as good of a weekend that I am. Life is grand.



Alicia said...

Love the pot idea. Maybe I'll make one when we move for our house or apt (hopefully house). Looks like you had a fun time with family. Happy Birthday!

The DeGiulio's said...

Love that pot, so cute! So what do you think about that chalk paint? I've heard of it but have been kinda skeptical...and that cake is freaking awesome!

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I also like south jordan. good choice my friend, good choice. and glad you had a happy birthday! that cake is the most outrageous thing i've seen in a while.