Monday, May 7, 2012

Random Events

Random events from the last 2 weeks......

 Varinia (Adorable Sis in law) had a birthday. I don't have a lot of picture cuz my camera was struggling. While there me and Jaden dug for gold. Photos are crap....from my phone. Jaden didn't find any gold. "It is really hard to find gold!" We decided that we would try again next time. "I won't give up!" He is adorable.

 I finally made it to City Creek. I hate driving downtown. But Shanna (The Adult) was a good mentor. We had dinner at Blue Lemon and did some people watching afterwards. She got a truffle and I got some chocolate covered grapes while we stared at rich people. (These photo also suck, from my phone)

I WON! I often (quite often, too often) apply to blog giveaways. I have never EVER won anything more than $5 in my entire life. Seriously.... So when I received an email one day at work stating I won a giveaway I about peed my pants. It was a Monday and Mondays suck, but I had a smile on my face the entire day. "I'm a freakin winner!"

Am I pregnant? No, no I am not! BUT, you better believe that when I do get fat and happy I will know exactly how to handle some of those unknowns:
Is this a stretch mark or an indent from my pants?
What???! You poop during labor? Myth right? Heaven help me, let it be a myth.
I didn't know I could grow this much hair.

For now these lovely books will sit on the shelf til I need to use them.

I am now convinced that I am a lucky charm. I am going to devote all my free time to giveaway blogs. Who cares what you crap is AWESOME.

 Family Book Club was on Saturday at Krisits house (my big sis).

The kids came with Varinia (YAY!) Alexa found a stuffed bear that she wouldn't give up. She loved it to death......I say death because the poor bears head eventually popped off. YAY....two toys!

We read The Unseen. It sucked. Don't read it. Here are some key points.
*The Alamo (Author was determined to drill in your head that The Alamo was the most important historical event ever to happen to the U.S).
*A missing diamond (eventually found in a dead girls hair)
*Birds that lead the Texas Rangers to dead bodies
*The Alamo...did I mention how important it was?
*Not so hot shower sex scene, that lead to bed, that lead to them discovering another body
*A wicked awesome chili recipe at the end of the book....WHA?

Did I convince you to read it? I hope not. Book club was good non the less. Kristi made Texas Straw Hats. Because Texas is the best state ever. Shes so witty.

Did a 5k walk for Arthritis on Saturday before Book Club. I went with Shanna. I spent the night before at her house. Her nephew was dropped off at 6am (ouch) and we got ready and left around 8. It was freezing before the walk but as soon as we got going it was enjoyable. Kaden (her nephew) slept the entire time. Hes such a good lil peanut. We had a great time. No pictures. Remember I got up at 6? I looked......exhausted.

I have yet to find a new job. I have had at least 6 or 7 interviews. I am going to take a break this week. I am tired of the disappointment and all the time preparing for them. Not to mention all the stress they give me.

I went to the Headache Dr. Imagine my surprise when he told me I needed to remove my shirt and pants for the appointment. Thank goodness I had showered and shaved that day.

I also gave the nurse a nipple peep show when we had an EKG test. It was humiliating. Good news though. No tumors! I have 2 fantastic migraine prescriptions now. I also am on a low dose aspirin regime to help lower my risk of strokes (Did you know that when you have lots of migraines you have a higher risk of having a stroke?).

All in all, life is good. Life is busy. I am happy.


Khinna said...

Good to hear you are great! You are missed in the blogging world ;)

The DeGiulio's said...

Haha thats awesome what you won. Those books will come in handy some day ;) my friend let me borrow the expecting book. Glad you finally made it to City Creek its pretty fun. And chocolate covered grapes! Wow I'll have to try those

Tyrel said...

Its been like 20 days since your last post and I feel like I don't know what is going on in your life. Yay for the update. umm, yes you poop when you have a baby, its not a myth. Usually a garbage can catches the poop, but you can ask them to catch it in a plastic bag and have Tony go and bury it somewhere.

Alicia said...

Glad to see an update. City Creek is very awesome. I think I've been there 4 maybe 5 times now. But then it is practically down the street from my apt. Yeah, for winning a give away. I have an older version of the expecting book. It is useful. Pretty much every one poops when they have a baby, but in the moment it is the last thing to come to mind. Trust me.

Any way, hope you have a great day.

Jan DeGiulio said...

Happy to catch up with your life. I hope your migraines are gone for good!

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Oh my gosh... I was reading the previous comments and I am going to strain myself so hard before I go into labor. I am not going to crap in front of anyone!!!!

I've also been lost without your blog posts. It's like I thrive on them. And even though you say you arent pregnant... I secretly think you are. I just bought my friend that book, because she's pregnant and I started reading it, and got grossed out. (I really did it buy it for a friend!)