Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Clean Up

I don't want to clean up. If it were acceptable I would leave the tree up all year. Not because I find it irresistible to look at, but because I am so dang lazy. The thought of having glitter all over the place again is too much. What will I put on the book shelf after I take the stocking down? How negligent do I sound? ..........scale of 1-10........I am leaning more to a 9. Wait for it though, there is more....

Can I mention that when I pulled the holiday totes from the storage cubby I never actually returned them to their home? Yea, instead of putting them back in the cubby I left them in the stairwell. Everyday when I walk downstairs I trip over the totes. I cannot even count the number of times I have stubbed my toe or tripped over them. You would think the thought of getting them filled with items and put back into storage would be a relief. Nope....motivation train has left the station.
I am hoping I will board the next motivation train....maybe this weekend? Who knows. I took a couple of pictures of the tree instead of cleaning it up. Productive, right? Go ahead and leave the site if you are so tired of Christmas. It is over, I get it....but I just don't want to clean it up.

Anyone want to come over and clean it up for me? I would feed you! I even got the totes ready for you!
This was our Christmas card this year. I like that it was a postcard....no envelope needed.
 How hideous is this wall color? I hate it. Who wants to be the one to let the husband know? It is SO time to paint. I'm thinking teal, grey, or anything other than the color we currently have.


Jan DeGiulio said...

It all looks cute! I vote for you to leave it up all year.

Brittney and Nikolaus said...

Oh my gosh, I found out I have been sending all your Christmas cards from us to your old address, have you gotten any of our cards ever? I am so sorry! Aunt Jo gave me your new address, so I will change it immediately. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Alicia said...

This is an awesome post. I say leave it up till you finally get your motivation. Because if you're anything like me putting it away when you really don't feel like, will end up being thrown where ever and a big mess to unpack next year.