Monday, January 9, 2012

The Best Intentions

Saturday I had a lot of great plans for my day. I had to work which is fine because I only normally work from 7:30-9:30am so by time I get home the rest of the world is alive and I am ahead of the game. I may feel and look disgusting but at least I have makeup on, right?

Shanna arrived around 10am (we are so ambitious) and we headed to Tai Pan. As soon as we arrived at Tai Pan we realized our first mistake, we hadn't eaten. It is hard to get anything accomplished on an empty stomach. After aimlessly wandering around for a good 45 minutes we left empty handed and drove to Mimis where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast.

Ikea came next. After a good hour or so we left feeling exhausted but not fully defeated. I left with some napkins, herb holders, and some adorable book ends. Shanna left with a new dvd rack.

I get that none of this is real exciting but we are easily entertained and I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. We had one more stop before we felt accomplished.....the mall. Heaven help us. Shanna needed to stop at H&M. I stepped in with her for a moment and gave up...."I'm leaving, you can find me in Crate and Barrel." That place was so crowded with hot bodies, I just couldn't take it. Apparently she waited in line for about 10 minutes just to try on a shirt. When the line finally moved an inch 2 people cut in front of her and she lost her patience. I made it into Crate & Barrel for a couple of minutes until the guy next to me knocked over a cutting board display......anxiety and embarrassment for him set in and I had to escape. We met up outside the stores and we both looked....not in high spirits.

After about an hour in the mall we then stopped at my house. We planned on dropping off our stuff and heading to the gym. We thought it was so amazing of us, although we had already been walking all day and dealing with people, we were going to work out! Shanna doesn't have a membership. "I can't imagine it is over $10, if it is $20 we will say screw it and get frozen yogurt instead." After finding the motivation to leave the house we headed to the gym with our gym backs and high spirits. As soon as we approached the counter we asked how much a day pass was and his response was "It is $20!" I instantly started laughing and pretended I had a call and walked away from the counter with my phone to my ear. Shanna was then left at the counter to fend for herself. I am not a great friend.

We left the gym with our bags, laughing hysterically for making a fool of ourselves and headed straight to the yogurt place.....who wants to work out on a Saturday anyway? After a big cup of frozen yogurt we returned to homebase with a lot of guilt. "What if we went for a walk outside instead?" We got dressed and headed outside. It was freezing! Shanna didn't have a sweater so she borrowed one from Anthony. She might have looked ridiculous in such a huge sweater.

Look how energized and care free we were at this moment! It lasted...........til the end of the fence. We made it to the track where I run. We were freezing! We were whiny! We thought we would die! We maybe did a total of 2 miles round trip. After we got home we heated up some hot cocoa and collapsed on the couch and watched Contagion. I kept thinking that Shanna would get tired of hanging out and would head home. Thankfully, this was not the case.

After the movie we felt as if we had had a lot of sugar. So how could we combat that? Well of head to Chilis and order chips, salsa and guacamole. Anthony was in disbelief as we headed out in our gym clothes looking less than charming. "You're really going to eat again?"

Back home with our provisions we scarfed down our chips while watching Up.
Chips and Seriously though, try the Krave cereal. It is amazing!

 She then left around 10. I thought of eating more brushed my teeth, washed my face, put my pjs on and collasped into bed.

Looking back I would say we had a very productive day...or at least it felt like we had. We didn't accomplish anything while on our errands, besides the dvd rack. We didn't make it to the gym like we wanted to.We definitely gained more calories than we worked off. We had the best intentions though. We had a riot and that is all that matters. It was nice to hang out with her, we use to see each other every day when we worked together. Now it is impressive if we see each other every other week. Sad.

Anyways, this was my Saturday. Thanks again Shanna for such a fun day!


Jan DeGiulio said...

FUN! So nice to have good friends to play with.

Shanna said...

Lol! My favorite part is..."I thought shed be tired and leave" such luck for you my friend! I had a really great time, and it was soooo nice to get out of the house. I apologize again for h&m, that was not fun. The walk was cold...but it helped justify the chips and salsa. Looking back, I have no regrets.

Shanna said...

One more thing...I love that you can see the up house in the background of the picture of me.