Sunday, December 4, 2011

Card Holder, Drugged up Photo, Pasta Sauce

I was reading some of my old posts from my old blog and I quickly realized that I use to be a riot! I was so witty! {Insert confused ugly face} What has happened to me?
*Is my maturity level increasing?
*Am I loosing my sense of humor?
*Is my witchiness finally consuming all that is good in me?

In all honesty it might be a mix of all 3.
Lately I feel as if my posts are seriously lacking. I need help! I feel like those washed up old soccer Moms that wear sweatpants and a ball cap with spit up on their shoulder. I need a blog makeover.

Here are some of my more interesting posts from my old blog. Maybe you will find something interesting to read.

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I am hoping that I can pull things together and make my posts more exciting to read. I use to have a jar with lots of different topics or recipes to try and I would do one once a week (like the rissoto post). Maybe once school is out I can start something like that again. Any suggestions?

As for now I have a couple of things from this weekend worthy of mentioning.

Anthony got his wisdom teeth out. They were erupted so it wasn't that huge of a deal. Leonard (Dad in law) was nice enough to take him. He then dropped him off at my work so I could take him home. I figured he would be more comfortable at home than drooling blood on someone else couch (:

Unfortunately for Anthony, he was humiliated by my coworkers. This somehow happened in the 3 minutes that it took to get from Leonards truck to my car. The owner, director and exercise specialist came walking out of the clinic to leave for lunch. The owner saw Anthony in the car and started laughing and pointing...."That kid is MESSED up!" I looked at poor Anth and his head was droopy and he looked so pathetic with his ice pack. I giggled, told them to shutup and quickly got in the car. The rest of the ride home I tried my hardest to not laugh as he played with his lips. "I can't feel my lips!"
*Please note I got approval before posting this fantastic photo...I am not that heartless*

Yesterday was my work party and I made him go with me.....drugged up and all. His plate was loaded with mashed potatoes. Most probably thought he was either #1 on a diet or #2 a picky eater. We stuck around long enough for my bonus check and a laughing fit due to an old man wearing a knitted sweater with a singular large tree on his chest. He wore it proud and I found it to be hilarious. Best sweater ever!

This is my new Christmas card holder. Normally I just lamely tape the cards to the back of the door. I wanted something more festive this year. I received a card in the mail a couple of days ago (Thanks Jan!). It completely made my day! I wanted to proudly display it. I need to get some curtains...bad. But I always forget about it when I am out. Anyways, the blue flags look really great with the green and blue tree. I cannot wait until I can add more cards. Can I mention for a minute how much I love cards? I remember when I was little we would have so many cards each year. Over time I noticed we would get fewer and fewer in the mail. I do cards every year and I hope it brings some joy to those receiving a card that they know how much I appreciate them and that I thought of them, because that is exactly how I feel when I receive a card.

Today I was so bored! Because of Anths teeth we haven't done much. I am so tired of being in this house! Whenever I get bored I do 1 of 2 things. #1 Binge on whatever I can find #2 Cook. Today I decided to do something productive. I made some meatballs and pasta sauce.

Step 1: Caramelized onions in extra virgin olive oil. Add fresh garlic and whatever herbs you want {I use oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary)
Step 2: Add tomato paste
Step 3: Add crushed or diced tomatoes
Step 4 Taste it. Then add whatever it may need.....sugar? salt? pepper? parmesan? More basil? You could also try peppers or {heaven forbid} nasty fresh mushrooms.

Homemade tomato sauce is easy. But it can also be frustrating to get just the right taste. Play with it. Be patient and if it gets too thick, add a tiny bit of oil to it.

And done.....that was my weekend. Please let me know what your feelings are in regards to livening up this blog. Do you want more recipes? More work rants? More comical relief? Crafts? Do you even read it anymore? Have you given up all hope in me? I want to know!

Thanks everyone!


Alicia said...

I would like to see all of the above and no I have not given up all hope for you.

The picture of Anthony is awesome. That should be your Christmas card. :) OK, not really, but still is a great picture.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Haha! That picture made me laugh out loud to myself in my quiet office... bahahaha! Second, where did you get those jars for your pasta sauce? i need some like that STAT but cannot find anything in this frozen desert barron wasteland...
And for the record, I too, feel like my posts are lacking. I think it's just that things are a little too crazy for me to really write like myself. I think once you are finished with school and things settle down again, you will be back to your witty self. Not that you're posts are really 'lacking' right now, but I know what you mean.