Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Activities

I am thoroughly enjoying Fall. When I say Fall, I do not mean the snow that we received the other day.That my friends is Winter. I want Fall to stay for at least another month. Utah weather irritates me. To soak in all the Fall that I can I have tried to surround myself with activities and colors of Fall. { many times do you think I will say Fall before the end of this post? I am up to 5}

When September or October rolls around I pull my fall totes out and decorate the house. I decided that I do not like Halloween decorations. Maybe when I have little goblins of my own I will pull my cheesy decor out but for now I love the simplicity a wreath or pumpkin can do to a room. It can completely transform the atmosphere.

As mentioned in my Fall To Do List, I yearned for a new fall wreath. It ended up being quite simple. I found a moss covered wreath at Tai Pan for only $12. I then purchased some pumpkins at a boutique at Gardner Village for $10. I already had ribbon at home. I wish I had purchased a larger base but in the end I was content. Also, we never use our 70's, gold lined fireplace so I was loving the idea of filling it with pumpkins. I think it turned out lovely.

I lately have been feeling like the house is very cluttered. I wish we could pack up the important things and throw out all the junk and move into a spacious house. Alas, that probably won't happen for another year or two, despite my constant nagging. I cleaned up our big bookshelf. It was overflowing with dvds and junk. I found some great boxes at Ikea to hide all of the clutter. I think it turned out great.
Notice the "Fall" letters at the top. While going through my Fall items I was so distraught when I realized I had lost the one "L". I specifically remember putting all my stuff away last year and having the last letter left out. I then stashed it "somewhere where it won't get lost". What a shame. I improvised and added the haystack to it. It does add some texture but............all I see is "F.A.I.L". No longer do I think of Fall when I walk into the house. Fail Fail Fail. lol

Soup. I made Olive Garden Chicken & Gnocchi Soup. It was delightful!
Here is the recipe. Try it! You won't regret it!

Every October we are included in a family tradition. At Anths Mom house we make and decorate sugar cookies. Now that Erin is married and has two kids it was even more fun! We cut out the Halloween shaped cookies and while they baked we mixed up our own frosting colors. I mixed up a purdy blue and a festive orange. The two boys (Blake and Josh) mixed up a silver color and........ummm one that looked like poo. It was hilarious. I had a hard time using it on my cookies because it just didn't look right. Everyone had a great time, dinner was delightful (homemade soup and rolls) and it was fun to be together with everyone.
Notice Anth is no where to be found. He did come. But.......he wasn't feeling great so he took a break for awhile. (:

Erin and Josh. Aren't they cute?

Jolene probably cleaning. Big John probably food testing. Mike texting. So typical (:

Little John unaware of the photoshoot & Blake. Blake was so hilarious. He was so great at sharing all night. He even shared a poo colored cookie with me.

Orange/yellow,poo, blue,silver. All perfect colors for cookies lol

Infamous poo

All the cookies I decorated. Weird, not a lot of poo ones though? Blake gave me the one on the top left. It was mixed with sprinkles. He was so proud of it! Hes cute.

I wish this time of year stuck around for months and months!


The DeGiulio's said...

I love fall but agree about the snow. I hope it stays nice for a while longer until it decides to be yucky out. What a great idea to put pumpkins in your fireplace! And those boxes you found at Ikea work great.

Erin Lyman Wilson said...

My next question is...did you eat the poo frosted cookie...or did you throw it away? That is the question!