Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yesterday, in one word, sucked. I was extremely busy all day with lots of patients, insurance verification calls and authorization for visits. I don't understand why I felt so overwhelmed, I normally am very good with handling stress at work but for some reason I kept picturing myself screaming at the top of my lungs and running far, far, away. The account manager was not working yesterday so I had extra work to do and no one to help with calls, this might have added to the strain.

The last couple patients filed in for the morning rush and I had one more authorization I needed to get squared away, so I called an insurance company. The lady on the phone was worthless! She breathed in the phone for about 15 minutes while she "waited for the information to load"....what year are we in?......1992? She asked me numerous times what facility the patient would be seen at and I wanted to scream "Get a friggin post it note and write it down!!!!!!!!" I noticed my leg was starting to shake nervously and my blood was starting to boil. The other receptionist arrived and I continued to answer the same questions to this dumb lady. The other phone line rang and I put the auth lady on hold and picked up the 2nd line.

Coworkers "Mom"-Listen to me you whore! I know you are screening my calls! You will let me talk to _____ right now!
Me-Who is this?
Coworkers "Mom"-You know ---- well who this is!
Me-Listen to me lady! She has the day off today! Stop calling here!
Coworkers "Mom"-Do not lie to me you little -----, I will come down there and kick your --- I know who you are! You have brown hair and I have heard _____ talk about you.
Me-You go right ahead! Meanwhile the cops will be waiting for you when you arrive!
Coworkers "Mom"-Oh honey, you will be dead by time the cops have arrived! I will chop you into pieces!
Me-LISTEN! She is not here! I can give you the number to her manager and she can confirm that she didn't arrive today! Don't you ever call and waste my time again! Click

I then hang up and have to act sickly sweet to the lady authorization visits for a patient. "Okay, so what facility with this patient be at again?" I lost it. "I'm sorry, I am going to have to pass this call to someone else." I then gave the phone to the other receptionist and looked around and  the faces looking at me. A patient had pure sympathy, 2 males coworkers looked at me in shock and I just had to get out of there. I had yelled at this lady! YELLED! I have never spoken to anyone that way, but I am not going to let some lady treat me like that! I was so angry! I went into my bosses office and told him that I will not be willing to deal with that again. I told him that we had a similar incident the day before with her and that there was a doctors office in our same parking lot that had filed a restraining order against her. He understood how upset I was and I then took it upon myself to take a 20 minute break which resulted in me boohooing in the car. It was not a good day. The only redeeming factor was that it was Friday and later on I kind of felt like a bad ace for yelling at someone.

So that was that, after work I came home and instead of working out like I should have I sat on the couch. After sitting for 20 minutes I decided to make something yummy for dinner. I ran to the store and returned home with my goodies. I ended up making homemade guacamole and mexican rice from scratch and carmalized onion and chicken quesadillas. It was delightful. After dinner we started a movie and I was out by 8:30 lol. I crawled into bed by 9:00....quite the party animal right?

Anyways, this was a super long dramatic post. I hope I never have to talk to that witch again and I hope that____ gets her life together and doesn't have to deal with her either. What a horrible human being to call as your Mom.The end.

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Jan DeGiulio said...

So sorry! I didn't know people were like that. I guess it's been my good fortune... But I love how you bounce back. You are amazing.