Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Phone Conversation

{Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring}

Me: This is Lindsey, how can I help you?
Señora: Anyone speak Spanish?
Me: Sigh.....tomorrow there will be
Señora: You speak Spanish tomorrow?
Me: No, but someone who does speak Spanish will be here tomorrow.
Señora: Oh.......(Long Pause).........Okay well me tiny daughter needs help, she needs therapy.
Me: Oh no! Okay well what is going on?
Señora: She needs help, every day, yes every day she goes to school she cry cry cry.
Señora: She so sad at school, she need your help
Me: Okay, wait, this is a Physical Therapy Clinic. So we treat people with pain....like joints. Does she have anything that hurts?
Señora: She so sad, her heart hurts.
Me: Please Hold

This is where I take a moment to regroup, maybe giggle a little bit while also feeling sympathy for this poor child that cry cry cries every time she goes to school. I was chubby in school, I get it....school is rough.

Me: Okay so what she needs is a psychologist.
Señora: Okay. Number?
Me: No, no number. Do you have internet at home?
Señora: Yes, I have computer.
Me: Okay what you need is google. Type in Family Mental Health and it will get you in the right direction.
Señora: You can't help her?
Me: Um, no.
Señora: Bye.


Today, ladies and gentlemen, I enjoyed my job.


Kelsey Fairbanks said...

this made me giggle a little... but in a happy way because you helped a little girl out today. BAHA!

saltEskin said...

You speakaaaaaa Espanol tomorrow? I love it. I get people that try to speak French, Italian, Germany, Dutch, Spanish...to me all the time. Like Im suppose to know. All I know is basic Spanish and Arabic greetings! It gets so difficult sometimes. Sad for this girl in school though!...

Amy and David said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! Ok I have coments about several of your posts. :)Remember the time We saw eachother at Noodles and Company :) Yummo I love that place too. I always get the macaroni and cheese so delicious! The med. salad looks great. I will have to try that. You are such a little chef always posting delicious foods and healthy. OKAY how cute are the newspaper nails. I am a nail tech and have never even heard of those. I guess I have been in China too long. I want to be a runner SO bad. But the thing is I totally SUCK at it. really. I am dying after one minute. I want to be one of those people that can run a marathon or even a 5K. I wish we were neighbors so I could run with you or in my case "watch" you run. (hehe) and that poor little girl. I hope she can find some help. That just breaks me heart. Language barriers totally suck.