Monday, August 15, 2011


I have seen a couple of tutorials on Newspaper Toenails. I thought it was cute and somewhat nerdy. How exciting would that be to whip my bad boy toes out during book club? Its just the thrill we need for our meetings.....

I tried it tonight. It turned out less than extravagant. First off I used green nail polish. I should have used white, but out of all the colors I have, white is not one of them. To begin paint your toes and let them dry, (again, white is preferred, but the lighter the color the better). Find some newspaper and rip a small piece of paper. It is not wise to take 20 minutes reading through all the articles hoping to find the word "Love" or some other magical word. If so, by time the actual work comes you will be tired and wanting to be done. This also was part of my downfall.

Once you have the newspaper wrap it around your toe.

Then get a cotton swab or your finger and smear some rubbing alcohol (or vodka) {because most of my readers have a secret stash in their cupboard, I'm sure}

This is the finished product. I failed at the first small piece of paper and then found a dollar sign.....Hmm well, it was a dollar sign $ before it was put on backward....way to go Linds.
 Then on the other side I found a big "WIN" sign.....right underneath was a "Swing" sign.
Now whenever I see my right toe I am going to think............"SWING AND A MISS!" I am not giving up. I am going to practice this a couple more times and hopefully I can eventually repost a masterpiece.

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Kelsey Fairbanks said...

That is an awesome idea! I think it looks awesome!