Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Table & Chairs

A couple of months ago I received an email from Gardner Village stating that The Christmas Shoppe was filing for bankruptcy and they would be liquidating all of their items. I notified Shanna and we decided that we would take a trip out there to see if there was anything worth buying. I figured we would get a tacky ornament or two or if we were lucky a cheap nativity scene that usually cost a fortune. By time we got there most of the items were sold but at the end of the store there was a stock of furniture that they had brought over from other stores. I quickly saw a beautiful granite top table. It was only $100 buckaroos! After some calls I was able to convince Anthony that this was another Christmas Bargain Miracle and that he wouldn't regret it. What a fun surprise!

After purchasing the table we soon discovered that it wouldn't fit in the terrain but the men working there were nice enough to offer to deliver the table for free. I was so excited. After it arrived me and Anthony went to at least 5 different stores to find the perfect chairs. We never found them. It was tough using our old chairs with the new table as the table is higher. We looked like little children.

After a few months the excitement of the table dwindled since we never found chairs....UNTIL....last week. While babysitting the nephews Anthony noticed some chairs in his sisters garage. They were perfect! After talking with Erin she was sweet enough to let them have them for a great price!

TADA! I went to Tai Pan today got a cute bird house for the table. I decorated it and it spruced up the table a ton. The shelf on the wall in the kitchen is hideous so I am going to have to ponder what to do with it. I have always hated the "dining room". I want the wall painted but I can't decide on a color and it is just a boring room. I wish I had a big beautiful bright colored piece of art for above the table but art is so expensive. Anyways, this was a random post but I really love my table and chairs and Erin & Jon thank you so much for letting us have your chairs. They are perfect!

Oh can I mention that we are trying to sell our old table? This is the same table that is leaning against the wall behind the front door. It might have tipped over a couple of weeks ago and completely destroyed our front door bottom lock and obliterated Anthonys stickly style end table he worked on in the Masters Program. {Table 1, Anthony 0}. After it tipped over Anthony got a hammer and smacked it a couple of times. It was the first time I have ever seen him really upset. It was kind of liberating and hilarious. After he made a dent in the bottom of table he felt better, and we lowered the cost {Table 1, Anthony 1} (: We will be happy to see it go. The legs are behind the lazy boy chair and basically we just look ghetto with random furniture lying around.


Alicia said...

Love it. You are a great decorator.

The DeGiulio's said...

I love your new table what a great buy too! Thats so nice you finally found some chairs to match

Erin Lyman Wilson said...

The chairs look fantastic! I love your new table. I will definitely need to come over and see it!