Friday, July 22, 2011

Epic Thursday

Yesterday was a long day! It started with a regular work day. I worked from 7-2:30. I then got the grand opportunity to quickly drive to our Sandy clinic and then worked until 6:30. It was the longest 3 and a half hours ever! The nice receptionist that worked before me did all of the work. When asked what I would need to do until all the patients arrived she said "nothing, just sit there, k bye!". This was not the answer I was looking for. Since working at the clinic, there is little free time during my 8 hour shift. There are always insurance visit authorization forms that need to be filled out, patients to be called, papers to be filed into charts, patients to check in and a plethora of other redundant task to complete before I clock out. To go from being on speed to sitting for almost 4 hours at a desk was miserable.

After getting through this horror I then got to go babysitting at Erin and Jons house (Anthonys little sister). This was not a complaint. In fact, I have always enjoyed babysitting. It was so fun to have Anthony there with. Erin is a mommy to an 8 year old named Josh and a 5 year old named Blake. They are happy and witty little boys. As soon as I walked in Anthony was putting the pizza in the oven (thanks Erin for dinner! I was famished!) and Blake immediately got down to business. He lead me to his room and basically went through every item he could see. "Oh yeah, and I have this too!!" It was a riot! After the tour of the bedrooms me and the boys played speed war. Sometimes a Queen was better than an Ace, or a King would magically be worth less than a Jack. I was really confused with the rules. Needless to say I completely lost. It was a fun time regardless though.

After dinner we played outside on the tramp and tried to tire the dogs out. They both are precious.

Afterwards Josh got to pick a movie (Spongebob Square Pants) since he won the "best eater award" at dinner. Soon it was bedtime and we giggled as we heard them in their bedrooms singing themselves to sleep.

All in all it was a super long day due to work but I am really glad that we got the opportunity to babysit. They really are great kids and I am glad that we get to be a part of their lives. I hope Erin lets us come over and play again soon!
Boys are fun! I jumped for a little bit. Note to self: don't load up on pizza and then shake around on the tramp.
I thought about kidnapping Duke while the boys were jumping but decided that June would be said without him.
Aren't they both precious?! They were both such good puppies!

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