Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Complaints and nasty habits

I have neglected this blog for far too long. I have been extremely busy with scouts, petals&posh and work. My life is out of control. If you were to invite yourself over to the house you would have to wait outside the door for a good hour or two while I scramble around picking up laundry, old mail and dirty dishes. Dinner last night was a turkey sandwich and that was the fanciest meal we have had in about 2 weeks. For example, last Sunday I rummaged in the cupboard and found a can of chili for me. Anthony had cookies and a Dr. Pepper that night. We are disgusting.

My anxiety is normally at a 6 out of 10 on a regular day. The second I hear talk of Christmas approaching in a store, on the radio, or on t.v, I feel as if I need an inhaler. I still have a Halloween wreath hanging up in the front room. This time last year I had a list of all the people that would be receiving a gift from me and what they would be receiving. Christmas cards would be selected and on their way to my ghetto town via fedex. A plethora of side dishes would be my biggest stress. Which one will be best to show off to the family at dinner this year?

This is not the case this year. The thought of Thanksgiving is too much for me. The thought of Christmas is going to put me over the cliff. I am going to plead ignorance for a little bit longer.

I have one more thing to discuss while I am on a rampage. This is disgusting. If you are eating right now (which heaven forbid you aren't, because it might end up in your lap) please put down your bag of cheese or ho-hos. This is your fair warning.

Today at work we had our weekly meeting. All the employees meet in the tiny break room where we sit around a big table and eat our pathetic lunches while we get chewed out for mundane insignificant issues. There is one employee in particular that I have issues with. This particular girl picks her nose and eats it during the meetings. She is 25..........words cannot describe how I feel about this. It is appalling.

This is not the issue I am going to discuss today, for this is not the worst thing. Hard to believe I know. At one point I looked over at her and she was digging at her scalp. Okay fine, the weather is changing and the air is dry. Maybe she is itchy...whatever.

She proceeds to scratch, then she looks at her fingernails, then smells, then she eats! This is where I am dry heaving during the meeting! My yogurt, lean cuisine, and chocolate chip cookie is now creepy up my throat and I feel as if I need to purge. Her nasty habit continues for another 20 minutes and I want to slap her.

This is all I am going to say. It is absolutely appalling and it was the last thing I needed today. I wanted to spray her down with a hose filled with lysol. I know I am rude, but it is gross. That is all. Sorry this was long winded and filled with nothing but anger.



The DeGiulio's said...

Ok that is just gross. Sounds like you have been a busy girl! I think its so fun you started petals & posh. You are very talentated & they are great prices.

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

My husband picks his nose... he doesn't do it in public, and I always chew him out when I catch him. But he's stopped eating it for the most part- but if I see him doing it, I don't kiss him for the rest of the night, and he gets upset. The worst part is, he gets this habit from his MOM!

The Jensen Family said...

Those are the ones that you hope you don't ever have to touch their keyboard or pen. uugh! I had to laugh at theabove post. Mrs Fairbanks senior would be so proud to see that post. hee, hee.

Mindy said...

SICK! Maybe you need to play secret santa with that chic and give her some Head and Shoulders or Tea Tree Shampoo. Or cage her in the Zoo with the rest of the monkies she would fit right in picking and eating crap of each other.

Alicia said...

Gross! Some people sure have nasty habits. I suggest at your next meeting find a spot where you can't see her or try to not look in her direction at all. Hopefully, she doesn't have any more nasty habits yet to be seen.

Mariel said...

That is disgusting. Someone needs to point out how disgusting and inappropriate that is to that girl's face. In front of other people. Although, she must not be ashamed of it because you can all see her doing it.

My job has monthly staff meetings where we all get chewed out as well. They make me miss the meetings at the Inn because it never applied to me there, haha! I hate it, but I concede that you have it much much worse.