Monday, October 4, 2010

Lazy Turkey Cordan Bleu

I made this tonight. I wanted Chicken Cordan Bleu, something fierce. But after getting off work and getting to the store at 7:00, I knew that the last thing I wanted to do was pound chicken all night. No, no thank you. This popped into my head. I was actually really impressed that it turned out and was edible. Anthony even liked it and asked where I got the recipe. "My head of course!" I amaze myself.

  • Salt * Pepper * Thyme * Basil
  • 1 Package Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • 1/2 a pound deli turkey and ham meat
  • 1 package Hollandaise Sauce
  • Swiss Cheese
  • 1 cup chicken flavored stuffing-crushed in crumbs
  • Spray Butter (Or be an overachiever and melt a tbs. of butter)
  • Preheat oven to 400 Degrees

Step #1 Place greased tin foil on cookie sheet (embrace the laziness, hurray less dishes!). Roll out Crescent Rolls on tin foil and sprinkle dough with pepper, salt, thyme, and basil. Use a small amount of salt or none, the ham will produce enough salt. Layer half a piece of swiss cheese on each triangle.

Step #2 Place a folded piece of black forest deli ham (Go ahead and choose any ham you want, I'm not going to boss you around).

Step #3 Place a folded piece of deli turkey meat. I bought half a pound of the ham and turkey and had a couple slices of both left.

Step #4 Separate dough and roll those suckers up.

Step #5 Spray a tiny amount of spray butter over each roll. Then roll them in the stuffing crumbs. This is important. Mmm MMM boy howdy then it has a nice crunchiness to it!

Step #6 Bake them for 15 minutes, or until they are golden brown.

Meanwhile follow directions on the hollandaise sauce....uh, make it.

Ding's Done! Place rolls on your plate and drizzle some hollaindaise sauce over it! Tis Yummy!


Rachel said...

Wow! Awesome idea. That's amazing you can come up with stuff like that.

Shanna said...

These look sooo yummy! I might have to try them know, with all my free time :)

Also, I really love ur blog title...very cute!

Shanna said...

Dearest Linds,

I'm sure you haven't noticed this yet, as I just barely did, but we are scheduled to have dinner with the Johnsons Saturday at 4.....hmmmmm seems like you might have a few too many things planned that day. Perhaps we should discuss changing our plans?

Love, Chana

Shanna said...

Well, that worked out well didn't it? Here is what I think for Sat... Red Mango for sure, then maybe a trip to Park City? Or if you don't want to go that far, we could always hang out in SLC. I was just thinking that I should get some new clothes for my new jobbie. Basically though, I don't care what we do as long as pumpkin spice frozen yogurt is in our future.

Also, while I'm disappointed you went to bed, it was pry for the best. I am pretty sleepy!


Matt and Shan Cole said...

Linds, This sounds so yummy! I'm trying it to night. You should start a cooking/recipe blog.

Matt and Shan Cole said...

Linds, dinner turned out great. I didnt have any turkey at home, so I just used the ham. Got anymore easy recipes?? I need more dinner ideas, I'm a horrible cooking.