Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Weekend Of My Dreams

Last Saturday was a beautiful day. First off, it is always wonderful when I have a Saturday off. I love this new job. Even when I do have to work (every other week) I only have to work from 7:30-9:00am. That is almost laughable. It is a wonderful feeling! Last Saturday I had off so I slept in at a fairly decent time.

I met Shanna at the Inn at 10am. We decided to go to Blue Plate Diner for breakfast. I have heard so many wonderful things about this place. After a long wait (it was really busy) we enjoyed our breakfast. We then drove to Park City.

Park City was a wonderful time. I needed some work clothes BAD. I usually find a ton of stuff at Gap due to the fact that they have a petite size section. I was saddened to find that they had filled the section in with all the regular tall people clothes...rude.

We ventured into Banana Republic. I normally do not shop there often due to their high prices. To my surprise they had a ton of stuff on sale, as well as adorable clearance items. I ended up with 3 pairs of dress pants (some of which were regularly $80, but I managed to get them for $20ish), and 6 tops. I then went over to down east and got 3 undershirts. After 3 pairs of dress pants, and 9 tops i only spent $190. Which was $10 dollars under my budget for the trip. I was quite proud of this.

Here is the loot.

The pants are the perfect length and I'm just thrilled. The yellow shirt had a tiny stain on it so instead of getting it 40% off it became 60% off...woo woo.

Anyways, after shopping we went back downtown and had appetizers with Jill. It was so good to see her. She has been in California for the last couple of months and we have missed her greatly. I hope we can visit her in L.A soon. I need a vacation!

After appetizers I then met Anthony, his dad and Debbie and we went to a movie. At the movies we also met Cameron and Stacey (Anths step brother and wife). We hadn't seen them for so long. It was nice to catch up.

It was a long and beautiful day!


I would now like to take this moment to vent about the loud mouth from work in regards to my Park City trip. I realize this is a long post but it has to be said, as I am very passionate.

I told her how impressed I was that I was able to get so many items for such a great price. She then went on and on about how she would NEVER spend that much on herself. It was apparent to me that she felt I was extremely selfish. I knew in my heart that I needed those clothes and that I had no guilt whatsoever. I was not going to let her damper my spirits. After I found some busy work and I got a catchy tune in my brain to drowned out her voice she then mentioned this to another coworker: "I still have those jeans that I purchased for $175". I about died! Do not go on and on about how I should feel horrible for buying clothes I need when you were an idiot and bought ONE pair of jeans for $175!!!

Dear Loud Mouth,

You are an idiot. If in the future you read this blog I hope you know that we are not friends because A) I believe the world does not revolve around you. B) I do not like people that are ignorant to other peoples religious views. C) You thrive on drama as if you were still in High School. D) Your phone voice hurts my ears. E) You talk about babies non stop and made me feel bad when you were shocked that I have been married for 5 years and STILL do not have kids. Its non of your business! F) You are texting non stop although you "trained" me to never be on my phone.

Thank you for listening Loud Mouth, although i'm sure you were distracted half way through. I understand, it was a long paragraph.

Love, Linds


Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

OH SNAP! You tell her, Linds!

I, for one, am jealous of your mad shopping skills! That is a great deal! I don't know who in their right mind would dare talk badly about that kind of a deal. Maybe she's jealous because she's probably a label whore and doesn't know how to shop for bargains. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

The DeGiulio's said...

Ok can I just say how much I love it when I find good sales shopping! That is so great you found clothes that fit so nice at Banana Republic. I have a pair of black dress pants I bought there years ago because they were like 12 bucks.

Jan DeGiulio said...

So happy you found so many great deals on clothes! Keep those catchy tunes in your mind to keep out the bad voices. Maybe you should hum or whistle out loud that would really keep out the noise!

The Jensen Family said...

You go girl and don't ever give her the priviledge of reading your blog. You are to good for her!