Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pixie Dust

Dear Pixie,

You were such a wonderful pet. You lasted quite a long time (3 months) here at the Lyman home. You were a beautiful goldfish. I loved the 5 scales on the side of you. That is why we named you, because it looked like pixie dust. You swam around so gaily in your bowl. I was quite the interior decorator with your home. I hope that you liked what I had done to the place.

Sunday night daddy Anth noticed that you were not as chipper as you usually were. Me being naive thought you just had too much exercise earlier in the morning and thought you would come out of it. The following morning you were pronounced dead. That was Monday. Things caught up with us. Daddy Anth has gotten home way late (past 10) every night because of school and I have been semi-busy with my mundane daily task. You were neglected. Today is Thursday.

I arrived home today and smelled something. Hmmm did Anthony make fish sticks last night after he got home from school while I was sound asleep in bed? No Pixie, that was you. I am so sorry. You didn't look good at all. I picked up your bowl and instead of placing you in the ground like me and Daddy Anth had planned on doing I felt as if it was too beyond that point. While pouring you in the toilet your eye popped out and I lost it. By lost it I mean I barfed. It was not a pleasant moment.

So to you dear Pixie, I hope that you rest in peace, I hope that I did not get any barf on you while you traveled to the sea. I have heard that all drains lead to the ocean, and I hope that is the case with you.

You were a good fish, the best I have ever had. Rest well little fish!

Love, Me


Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Oh sad! I like the flower! What a nicely decorated bowl! Sorry you puked.. that's kinda gross! I was so sad when I realized all the big fish ate my baby fish that I had created with a male and female guppy. I'm a baby killer!

The DeGiulio's said...

A gold fish was pretty much the only pet I had growing up. I always remember how sad it was when I had to flush them down the toliet. My brother used to have a big fish tank and I remember watching one fish poke another fishes eye out and having to flush it down the toliet. It was quite dramatic for me considering I was like 5 at the time.

The Jensen Family said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, you are cracking me up! Nothing like the smell of fish sticks. Sorry about the fish!

Jill's Adventures Throughout Sunny SoCal said...

He is swimming happily with Gomer, Gilligan, & Annie!

I should get a pet fish to keep me company at home on my days off. But, I know how it goes after a long while, the EFFING fish will probably either live a week or the EFFING fish will live a year and I'll want to chuck it out the window because I hate cleaning it.


Jan DeGiulio said...

So glad you didn't have to eat fish sticks the day your fish died! Love your blog - glad I don't have a fish!