Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Yesterday did not turn out the way I had planned. Due to the ridiculous snow storm my parents stayed home. Therefore Shanna headed on over. We were planning on going to the home and garden show in Sandy because there was an item I have been wanting to get for a relative for an upcoming birthday. 2 minutes before we were to arrive at the expo center I made an executive decision and decided that we should spend the same amount for a movie instead of walking around with old people searching for siding and window treatments.

We strolled into the movie theater at 3:15 and found that Alice in Wonderland had started at 3:00. We quickly bought our tickets and slid into our chairs.

I was shockingly disappointed in this film. I am not sure if the punk kid kicking my chair the entire time had anything to do with it. Or the 2 year old that kept going through Shanna's purse may have put a damper on things, but the film just wasn't what I expected.

The film takes place when Alice is older. Later in the film it is explained that this is actually Alice's 2nd trip down the hole, therefore it does not follow the book. I felt that it was way to scary for kids under the age of 8 "(lots of decapitation) and yet it wasn't interesting enough to keep me (the older audience) intrigued. I have never been so close to walking out.

Regarding the acting, Helena Bonham Carter (Red Queen) was amazing as she usually is. She never seems to disappoint. Anne Hathaway (White Queen) was dreadful. Johnny Depp doesn't even need to be discussed as he was the only thing that made this film worth watching. I also did not like the actress that played Alice.

After the movie was over we sadly walked back to the car in the cold wet day and discussed how disappointed we were. I had been waiting anxiously for it to come to theaters as it was a film that look highly interesting. SAD! Anyways, after that we headed back to my house and talked til the wee hours til Anthony returned home from school around 11ish.

In regards to the movie, maybe it was just me. Have you seen it? Did you love/hate it? Tell me your feelings.


Jill's Adventures Throughout Sunny SoCal said...

I've never been a fan of Johnny I might just wait til its out on Redbox haha. Or download it. Maybe if I find some lucky man to pay for me...I'll go :)

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I heard that movie sucks from almost everyone who has seen it. A friend of mine last night, wanted to see it- but I didn't say anything about how I heard it sucked... I feel bad for them for wasting money- but then again, she was the type of person who probably would have liked it. Boo, sorry Lindsey!

Shanna said...

That really was a tough least we made up for it today! It was a most wonderful day! No regrets.

Jan DeGiulio said...

Thanks for the heads up. I won't waste my money. The people around you sounds more interesting that the movie. That's so SAD!

Khinna said...
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Khinna said...

I think everyone went in with high expectations and preconceived notions of what this movie would be like. I wasn't disappointed in the movie, but I didn't love it. It was so-so for me, but I did enjoy all the Burton-esque qualities. I did wish Alice had a more developed character in the movie. The White Queen's character to me was suppose to be quite subtle and have unusual mannerisms. However, I think the White Queen's character was too superfluous for Hathaway. I couldn't pinpoint why her acting didn't work- almost a bit awkward at times.

I think this movie was typical for a Disney children's plot though. I didn't think the decapitation was engrossed whatsoever. The children around me seemed more impressed with the bold, contrasted, whimiscial characters and fast paced action going on in every scene.

I did feel a lack of energy from the actors in some sections and some parts were a bit sluggish at best. However, I loved TB's intriguing visuals. The contrast of his dark gothic style to the bright colorful characters of Wonderland was a perfect marriage. The costuming was magnificent as was the makeup.