Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Party

The Hill Halloween Party was at our place this year. I have been eagerly waiting for this day for awhile. Cobwebs were hung, food was prepared, costumes were planned and finally the quests arrived.

Josh and Jaden were zombies (of course), Varinia was a dead bride, Alexa was a pirate. Dad and Mom were a riot in their Breaking Bad costumes. Anth was Aaron, you know the poor guy that had to cut off his arm while hiking in Utah? Yikes. Kristi was a witch and I was a black widow.

We ate lots of yummy food which consisted of: rotten eggs, intestines, and worms. But we also ate pizza, breadsticks, veggies, cookies galore and carmel corn. We were stuffed by time the night ended.

After food and photos we played a couple of games. First we played a dice game. Depending on what number you rolled, you would get a piece to put on your pumpkin to make a jack o lantern. It was fun to see how all the different pumpkins turned out. Ours are proudly on our porch. Mom won, she was the first to complete her pumpkin and she was quite proud.
After pumpkins we went outside and played pumpkin bowling. You just add some faces to toilet paper, stack em up and bowl with a small pumpkin. No was dark out.

We had a fabulous night and I love that everyone actually dressed up. Apparently nagging works!!! I love my family, they crack me up.



Shanna Dudleston said...

Oh my gosh! This looks like so much fun! I love that everyone put so much effort into their costumes, you all look great! I also LOVE the pumpkins; they turned out so cute! All that work was totally worth it!!!

Jen Holden said...

What a fun Halloween party!

Alicia Thomson said...

Looks like fun. Love the pumpkins.