Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nothing to blog about....or do I?

It has been over a month since I have done a post. Would you like some excuses?

#1 This laptop is freaking ancient! If  the battery cord comes undone for any reason, it's you don't even have 10 seconds to scramble and try to get it back in. All hope is lost.
#1a The laptop is so ancient it heats my thighs. Meaning, it is super hot and I nearly sweat to death.
#1b the laptop is so ancient I can't listen to music and edit pictures at the same time without it taking 10 years.
{I would like to report that Anthony is finally sick of hearing about it. We get to make a purchase on Black Friday. Cross your fingers that I don't throw it out the window before that point.}

#2 I feel like I am always busy! I work til 6 and I become a wife for the rest of the night. After dinner, I think about working out other things seem to be a priority. Such as, reading, showering so I don't have to wake up in the morning, reading, dishes, laundry, reading, eating some more, nagging, church responsibilities, family events, and reading. Life is too busy to sit down to a computer that would rather live in 1995.....Bad joke....It is just SOOO slow! Refer to #1-#1b

#3 I'm lazy.

#4 I somehow think that I have nothing to blog about....not true. Hence the reason I am doing this post.


I was going through my camera and phone and found a plethora of good and awful photos. Sit back, grab a costco size treat and journey with me through the past couple of weeks of posting absence.

 Um HeLLo! Jolene Graduated! Jolene is Anthony's Mom. She worked many many many hard tiresome years to get to this point and we are so proud of her! I unfortunately wasn't able to attend the graduation.......wait stop.......hold that you see the top right photo......ANTHONY LOOKS FREAKING AMAZING! You look good man, real good. In fact, everyone looks really fantastic in that photo! Marilyn Manson once sang a song......"The beautiful people, the beautiful people...." Sing it with me.

Bottom picture is a doozey. After graduation there was a celebration. Not only did Jolene graduate, but her adorable sister graduated as well. How awesome is that? They even got to walk together. Us kids got together and prepared a song/dance. We looked ridiculous I am sure, but we rocked it. We changed the lyrics to, "summer lovin" and I am still having a hard time getting that blasted song out of my head.

Mother's Day and Kristi's birthday happened! Everyone came out yonder to my hood and we celebrated with good food. Take a look at baby girl Alexa?! Cutest peanut ever! Jaden has been so hard to take pictures of! That kid never stops! I love them both to pieces. And how adorable is the pic of Mom and Dad? They look so young and happy! I'm so lucky. I wish the chain didn't cover his face though....Can anyone say Amateur photo taker?

Pictures 1-9 have a story behind them....ready? Is your treat still adequate? My thighs are getting hot and bothered....better make this quick.

#1 I have an infatuation with German Pancakes (aka puff pancakes). Shanna made me some a couple months back and I can't get them out of my system. After several failed attempts, I finally got them perfect.

#2 On Memorial Day, Jaden decided he wanted to have a lemonade stand. With.....the only juice we juice. It was not cheap, and luckily he is cute. And my Mom could scrounge up some cash lol. Refer to #5

#3 We bought a lawn mower. We were feeling nostalgic and wanted a push mower. Like in the Truman Show (minus the short shorts) We don't have a large yard so why get a loud mower? Refer to #4

#4 It kind of sucks. After the 3rd mow sess, I heard him declare, "Next year we are buying a real mower." Lesson learned.

#5 Apple Juice Stand. "5 bucks or 1 dollar" Hmm....guess which price we chose. So cute!

#6 Last weekend was Jaden and Alexa's birthday party (blog soon to come). Afterwards I was seriously craving Maddox. I sat in the car for over an hour with the smells wafting in my nose, taunting me. We finally got home at shame here. I gobbled up my entire meal and slept like a baby....fat and happy.

#7 I potted these beauties. Okay so I supervised one and did the other. Anth is quite the green thumb. He might have been rude and said, "Give the one you did to whoever you like less..." Rude. I did give these away. I met up with two long lost friends from high school. It was a wonderful experience. We are all so different. I live in the suburbs, one is married to a farmer and lives on a farm (duh) with cattle, one is a military wife and has moved several times since graduation. We all are happy and I was so pleased to be able to catch up with such beautiful woman! P.s I let them choose which plant they wanted, I have no doubt both are still living....gosh I hope so. I hope we can soon get together again.

#8 Lots of reading lately. I finished this. It sucked. But her other books are better. I also finished this. It totally changed my life. I am current reading this and loving it. How have I not read it before?

#9 What a gem. If I don't survive this night, it is because he killed me after finding out that I posted this....
about 2 weeks ago we had a laundry debacle on our hands. Meaning, we got lazy and our laundry baskets had spawned babies and socks, undies and the like were running a muck. We (meaning me) got caught up and decided we would have a date.....a folding laundry date. He would have nothing of it. I tried to stay positive. I put some headphones in and rocked out to some jams while he whined and complained. I left to put some clothes away and turned around and found him....sprawled on the floor almost asleep. I don't have any regrets in posting this...maybe it will be a reminder next time we have a folding laundry date.
{Please note, our room is never hardly ever dirty....nor do we allow clothes all over the floor. It only looks disgusting because of this momentous folding event. Thanks...}

 Well there you have it....we are all caught up.

My legs are sweaty. Picture a hot school bus. You are on the side with the sun beaming down on you and you're wearing your short shorts. Now picture sitting there for an hour and then standing when you approach your stop.....feel the wet sweat on your thighs? Do you feel it trickle down the back of your legs? Yeah.....that is what this laptop did to me.


Alicia Thomson said...

You're so funny. I love this blog post. Maybe you'll get lucky and the laptop fairy will visit your house soonand replace your old one for a new one.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

This is hilarious! our laundry often looks like that. we call it laundry bomb, but happens almost weekly. how do two people go through so many clothes? that pancake looks amazing by the way.