Monday, April 22, 2013

"Make Shift Vacation"

At the first of April I realized {to my surprise} that I had a total of 49 vacation hours that I needed to use before April 23, unless I wanted to wave goodbye to them. I scrambled to get some shifts covered so I could "live it up". I drove home and practically skipped into the house as I proceeded to tell Anthony that I had 6 days in a row...OFF!

"What should we do? Where should we go?"
"Well actually Linds, I have mandatory overtime this entire month. So you really aren't going to be seeing me a whole lot.
"Seriously? What am I going to do for 6 days then?"
"Well, I don't know. Come up with some new hobby. Why don't you learn how to weld?"
"..........WHAT?.....Weld? Really? That's your answer?"

What proceeds is what I found to be a better solution than welding.  Because honestly, who learns to weld on their vacation?

{Please note. All of these photos were taken from my phone. Some aren't that bad, others look like they were taken from a first generation camera cellular brick. I apologize and realize that they look like crap.}

I took a stroll with Shanna. The flowers were beautiful. The kidlets (although it looks like a barren street) were out in full force and the world was happy.

Watering Day happened at the Lyman household. Normally I leave that mega task to the man of the house, but I was feeling overly bored out of my mind wifey. This happens twice a month for the succulents, so what a huge privilege.

I attempted to eat healthy. Simple Med Salad (copy cat from Noodles and Co.) Lettuce, red onion, Greek olives, tomatoes, noodles, feta cheese, cucumbers and Greek vinaigrette dressing. (It's also delicious with grilled chicken in it!)

Anth and I played Uno late one night. I talked smack the entire time. And then I lost....First one to 5 wins. He got super obnoxious and we ended the night with me sulking. I am a sore loser. {I admit that Uno is not my game...however I kill it every time at Phase 10. I'll catch him next time.}

I made Salsa. It was good and spicy. Notice the t.v in the background? This was Friday. I spent all day from 8am-7pm (beside a 2 hour insanity break) watching the news coverage of the bomber search. I was obsessed. {I wish I could take that day back.}

Saturday was spent at my friends house. We went to Zupas. We packed up all her things. We got dusty. We got exhausted. We took her little nugget nephew to the park and for a walk for a break. We went to Wendys. It was the most beautiful(est) day ever! The sun was delicious! {It was so nice to get out of my house for the day. Cabin Fever was sinking in}

I made chicken, spinach stromboli. It was easy and delicious! Even Anth was all over it. It is just pizza dough, italian seasoning, mozzerella cheese, parmesan cheese, spinach, tomatoes and chicken. Easy!   

Sunday we took a perfect stroll around the lake. It was gloriously hot. It was nice to see the husband. We discussed our hopes and dreams. I have a sweet farmers tan on my neck...because everyone loves a nice circular line on their neck...regardless I loved every minute of it.  {Is this not the worst photo of us? Lol...truly}

I also made this. It was cold one day. And it was the perfect solution. The bread was chunky. The soup was a spicy yummy concoction and I highly recommend it.

I went to Cactus & Tropicals. Have you been there before? It is soooo much fun! They have so many fun plants and pots and the people are always so helpful. I came home with a topiary for the front porch. {I named her Sheela}

I got my porch looking semi-decent. I have been patiently waiting for the weather to be warm enough so the painters could finish the door. As soon as it was painted I stuck my little "hello." sign on it. I love it! It makes me happy. Sheela is happy next to her little door mat as well. Hooray for warm weather!

GRASS CAME! I also have been highly anticipating this day! They threw it on within 5 minutes and away they went. {When the sun goes down you can find me rolling around in it.}

Tomorrow is our Anniversary and my last day of "vacation". I have done a lot of eating. A lot of vegging on the couch. A lot of walking around with no bra on while the landscapers walk by the front door. I have done a lot of grocery shopping. And....a lot of complaining that I am bored. I can honestly say I am ready to go back to work.


Alicia Thomson said...

Haha, welding? I just don't see you learning to weld any time soon.

Looks like some fun was had for your vacation. Too bad it had boring times as well.

Jen Holden said...

Thats funny Shad would tell me I should come up with a new hobby lol. Its nice having time off work but not as fun if you dont have someone to do things with I think anyways. Im too busy of a person so I get bored pretty easily. I usually have the upcoming week planned a week ahead because I like to know what we are doing & have something fun to look forward to. Love your front door so cute.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

those are the best vacations! i love your hello sign... i saw it on pinterest and i totally am doing the same thing... waiting for it to be warm enough to even stand outside and put it on my door. LOL! love your little plant!

Kelli Shimek said...

I love the 'hello' too! I'm totally going to have to do it now... but I need to fix my door. I painted it in a hurry and it looks awful! :P

I'm glad you got to have fun with all of your vacation. It's nice to have a break and then feel ready to get back to 'real' life.

(oh, and all the food looked scrumptious!)

KEK said...

What a great few days. Now that I arrived in Utah. I have been very impressed with the variety of stores that are here. I love the little cactus you have. I can't wait to see you.