Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I dreamed a dream....

No, this is not me pretending to be Fantine from Les Misérables. You don't want me to sing to you, however I am really looking forward to the new movie coming out....and thus have been practicing from my cd {yes, a cd...GASP! old fashioned}. This is beside the point though....

I dreamed a dream the other night. It has really stuck with me. I would like to discuss it. I am a visionary person...meaning....I need pictures to best understand a situation. So without further adieu..

Here I was, sleeping. Quite soundly in fact. I am not suffocating in my pillow, no need to fear.. I do in fact sleep on my stomach. That is not drool under me, but a pillow. In my dream I see a house. A strange looking house that I have never seen before. It is exquisite. Anthony and I inhabit this house. We hear a knock at the door and when we open it we realize that we are in the wilderness.....hence all the green trees behind the picture. There are no other houses around us. Just darkness and trees. 
We are then in shock as we realize that their are Indians on the ground (actually Native Americans). They had been shot and there was blood every where. There was a baby Native American and the papa Native told Anthony in his native tongue (How does Anthony know how to speak Indian?) that we need to have their child, that we would be the best parents for them. Anthony of course starts to doubt. He begins to weigh the pros and cons. I being emotion begin to tell him that it is a blessing and that we should just keep it. As I am discussing this, the phone rings. How frustrating....especially at such a dramatic turn in the story.

I answer the phone and the conversation goes like this. "Hi, it's honey boo boos Mom. I know you are a P.T" I am in shock. Pure shock. Not only have I only indulged in 2 epiosodes (EVER)...this indulgence happened months ago. In fact I haven't thought about chubby boo boo for a long time. "No, I am not a physical therapist. I am just a receptionist." She would have nothing of it though. "I know you are. And I need you to help Honey Boo Boo."   

 "How will I perfect my game!?" I could hear honey boo boo in the background. Her mother begins to explain that she needs help perfecting her soccer game. I then hear Anthony stating that the "Natives had what to do?!?!?"
And then Anthony woke me up. He woke me up with a startle and I instantly had a few questions in mind:

#1 What happens to the Native baby? Does Anthony allow us to keep it?
#2 Does Honey Boo Boo perfect her game?

This is all....thank you for reading.
{P.S If you knew how long I worked on these would sicken you.} 
{P.S.S I have not taken any formal art classes}


Alicia said...

Haha, I love your random dream, or should I say nightmare because honey boo boo's mom showed up in it. Hopefully you will get a part two dream and find out the answers to your questions, minus the crazy lady mentioned earlier.

Raymond and Nicole said...

You are hilarious! I love it!

Raymond and Nicole said...

You are hilarious! I love it!

Raymond and Nicole said...

You are hilarious! I love it!

Heidi Schulz said...

I love you. That is all.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

wow. just wow. nothing else. i am seriously on the floor. i love your illustrations.