Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Bash

Last night Anth and I were able to get together with my family for a Halloween party at my brother and sister in laws house. Before dinner we went to a corn maze (before it got scary). It took a little convincing to have Jaden put a jacket on because, "Batman doesn't need a jacket!". It was fun to visit with everyone and the weather was perfect.Unfortunately, Dad is in Lake Havasu participating in another Bass tournament. He was sorely missed.
Jaden led us old people around the maze and Alexa was content to either walk on her own or hold hands with whoever was close by. I don't need to say's pretty obvious.......but these kids are the cutest kids ever.
The maze brought back a funny memory:
Back when I was 15 or 16, I went with a couple of friends to this very maze. After paying to enter we were told that, "The maze is not haunted tonight." Me, being certain I was being lied to was fully prepared for the terror that was about to befall me. I hung close to my bestie and every little rustle of corn put me into a deeper state of fear. The near pitch dark maze was terrifying and I could sense that I was being watched. It was terrifying! We finally found the end, and as we walked out we realized, "Hmm, I guess it really wasn't haunted tonight." Losers!

After the maze we returned to the Hill home and had some of Varinia's yummy zuppa tuscano soup. You know, the recipe from Olive Garden? It was good. Real Good. We enjoyed spider deviled eggs, rolls, and salad as well.

After dinner the dessert was brought out. Varinia asked that we each bring a spooky item. Varinia made some cute marshmallow pumpkins. I brought the deviled eggs. Kristi brought dirt and worms (pudding and oreos) and my Mom brought......kitty litter. Jaden was disgusted and intrigued and we all got a kick out of the horrific dessert my Mom brought. It was delightfully tasty!

 "LETS EAT KITTY POO!" I really hope he doesn't tell everyone at church and school that his Grandma lets him eat kitty litter.
We all were so fat and happy by the end of the night, we decided we would get together every year for a Halloween bash.



Alicia said...

Cute pictures. Love the Kitty Litter idea. Though I don't think I'll make it anytime soon. Don't need my son thinking that it is OK to the really kitty poop/litter.

jendegiulio said...

Looks like a fun time with fun food & family! Im sorry I dont know if I could eat the cat liter though lol.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Can i just say that anthony has the same smirk on his face in every picture he's in. It's adorable. ha! and yes, there is something about corn mazes that makes them haunted every night. I miss corn mazes. Alberta doesn't have them. if anything, we'd have mazes made of canola fields... or oil and gas companies. next year, we are SO going to a corn maze together. deal?