Saturday, December 31, 2011

My plans for Eve and Resolutions

 Some people will be out boozing it up tonight. Some will be out shaking their thang on the dance floor. Others might be taking a more relaxed approach at a movie theater or restaurant. 

Not me.

{I will be spending my New Years Eve conquering Lego Lord Voldemort}

What are your New Years Eve Plans? Any fun games you play? What movies and snacks will you be munching on?

Do you make and break them? Or do you take them serious?
I have been pondering resolutions the last couple of days. Mine are always weight related, as are the majority of all chubs during this time of year. Too many glasses of eggnog, too many slices of decadent bread, pies, cocoa......the list goes on and on of what I have consumed in excess over the last couple of weeks. Did I mention that my scale broke just a month or two ago. I can't imagine what my weight is now. Oh dear.

I decided I would work on a couple of things that would inevitably lead to a happier healthier me. 

#1 Cafe Rio. You. Are. Out! Yes, I am saying farewell to this sinful place. In the past the happiness I felt outweighed the discomfort in my gut. It has now flopped. I feel so sick when I leave {Is that remorse or my arteries clogging?} and as of lately it just does not taste as good. Not only will I save money but I will rid my body of the 1000+ calories each visit. 

#2 Read more books. Because of school I had to put this on the back burner. Sad. I have so many books waiting to be cracked. Me and Anthony started {once again} reading the Book of Mormon. Hopefully we stay strong and finish it. 

#3 Run. I have slacked. A Lot! I hate winter. I want it to be sunny and hot. It is hard to stay motivated. I am going to get a gym membership and get my leg muscles back to normal with the elliptical. I know a marathon isn't in the future for me this year but I would like to get to the point where I can run an entire 5k. Pathetic goal I know, but I know I need to start somewhere. Also, I have a bike. I need to use it more often this year. Venture outdoors. Put on my hideous hiking boots and explore the mountains and trails.

#4 Cook with fresh produce. Use my vitamix more often. Green smoothies. Say goodbye to white bread. And less cheese. 

They all seem pretty simple if I just remember them. I plan on writing them down and putting them on the fridge. Something classy like that. I want to hear your resolutions......send me your list. Seriously. I might want to steal some of yours lol.

May your year be filled with happy things!


Alicia said...

My New Year's eve plans consist of probably sitting at home doing nothing. Exciting, huh?

I haven't thought about resolutions yet. I'm sure if I get around to making some I'll post them on my blog.

The DeGiulio's said...

We are boring we are just staying home & relaxing. I think we are all pooped out from all the Christmas parties etc. and IM actually making dinner lol. Since last week we have ate out pretty much every night, bad bad habit & expensive I've just been lazy. Have a fun New Years!

Shanna said...

Dear Linds,

I would like to copy all of your resolutions...they are all great and all things I need to improve upon as well! How did your battle with lord voldemort turn out?

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I love your new years plans... that's basically what we did, too. I watched gilmore girls and warren was on the playstation. losers.

I can't believe you saying goodbye to Cafe Rio. you should be thrown in prison! It's not really that unhealthy... um, they use fresh produce? haha! Good luck my friend!