Friday, November 18, 2011

Could have used some cotton

I had a conversation with a Mom and a young child from work. It made me realize how grateful I am going to be to find a new job where I can shove a cotton swap where it counts.....the mouth, thus preventing a conversation which leaves me feeling like a schmuck.

Scenerio: Mom is paying copay and son is standing at the edge of the counter staring at me.

Linds: Hi buddy! How are you doing today?
Buddy: Good....
Linds: I like your shirt. Do you like dinosaurs? I like Dinosaurs! That one on your shirt is funny!
Buddy: Yes......

Conclusion I should have drawn: Buddy does not like to converse. Also, in hind sight I could have used some sort of sedation.

Linds: Are you excited for Thanksgiving! It is almost coming!
Linds: Then what comes after Thanksgiving......CHRISTMAS! Do you love Christmas? Have you been good this year?
Buddy: ummmmm
Mom: We do not celebrate Christmas.
Linds: Oh, okay! Well Thanksgiving is fun too. Lots of yummy food!
Mom: {Grabs little buddy close} We do not celebrate ANY holidays! We have a lot of great family parties though, don't we buddy?
Buddy:.................................................... is parties are fun.....trailing off............

Conclusion part 2: I am a schmuck. I walked behind my desk and slumped in the chair and thought "This is exactly why you shouldn't talk to anyone! And if you do, stick to the basics: weather, weekend plans or pain level. The end!"

Other than that things are going good. I am finally getting the hang of school. This week has been insane. I studied my brains out. I was at school for 8 hours on Thursday and took a CPR and Radiology class along with clinical hours, 2 practicals, and 2 quizzes which covered 10 chapters....10! That is insane! I ended up taking 3 trips to Layton this week which is a ton a gas. I got a 90% on the first quiz which covered 4 chapters and a 92% on the quiz that covered the last 6. The midterm is on Monday and I am so happy to report that it is a take home test. What a blessing! I cannot believe that I am already half way done.

Monday was my first clinical and it was so exciting and overwhelming. After watching 2 fillings I was thrown into the assisting chair. I then assisted on an 11 year old that got 2 teeth filled. She got sick on the nitrous and I thought she was going to barf on me. She was super nervous but I think I did an okay job and in the end she was able to stay calm enough to get through it.

The instructor has been really sick the last couple of days and out of the 4 weeks we have only seen her to one class which has been really frustrating. I hope that she gets better soon so I feel like someone else is teaching me instead of me teaching myself from the book.....its really frustrating!

Anyways, I finally made it through this week and the half way point. I am so looking forward to sitting in the house by myself and relaxing this weekend. It is muchly needed.  Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!


Alicia said...

After working with a Jehovah Witness (They don't celebrate any holidays) I learned that it is best not to ask people about the holidays because you never know if they celebrate it or not or if they just plain don't like them. Always let the person bring it up first.

Yay, for making it to the half way point!

P.S. Don't you hate it when people's font colors on their blog are hard to read? ;)

The DeGiulio's said...

Busy girl, glad school is going well. I've had many conversations similar. Its just what there is to talk about right now the I think its better to be friendly & try to carry on a conversation than just sitting there & staring at each other.