Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh Dam!

I love how ambitious I was when thinking that I was going to blog every night or two while on vacation to inform you readers. As seen below,  I managed to blog about day 1 and

I will sum up our days. Every morning we were up by 7:30 (no later). We took an hour to discuss events that happened throughout the night ("Did you hear me get up to pee 3 times? Sorry about breaching the barrier and touching your toe"), prepare breakfast, shower/shave, and get dressed in our gym attire. Out of the 7 days I believe we worked out 5 of them. We were amazing! Workouts included walks outside, treadmill, weights, stair-master and the row machine for Shanna. I am glad we worked out because after our week I still ended up gaining 2 pounds. I blame this on the big burrito at the local Mexican joint, chicken picata, 3 desserts (so sinful I will not name) and 2 blended cream frappacinos from Starbucks.

Can I quickly discuss sleeping arrangements? There is one bed. One queen size bed. If this trip would of happened a couple of years ago, I would have the bed to myself or I would have slept on the disgusting couch. Over the years I have grown up.....almost into an adult. The reason I wouldn't have slept with someone other than Anthony is because of this crucial fact: I am a snuggler. The thought of opening my eyes and seeing someone else wrapped in my arms is too much for me, hence the invention of the pillow barrier. 
Pillow barrier includes 2 or 3 pillows in between us thus allowing me to feel like I'm sleeping alone lol. We have done this anytime we go somewhere together. Every once in awhile a toe will make contact, which in the middle of the night is hilarious. Anyways, that's the situation, notice how little space we each have. It is the sacrifice we must make though (:

Back to our daily routines......................

After workout we normally would grab a snack or lunch (every other day we made our own). The rest of the day was up for grabs. We visited the pool a couple of times, visited the shops under the London Bridge and when the temperature hit above 99 we stayed indoors. Like all party animals we would collapse in bed around 9:30. We repeated this routine 6 times. (:

Tuesday a storm blew in. It was raining so hard that flash flood warnings were coming across my phone. After a couple of hours stuck in the hotel we decided to venture outdoors. While driving to a movie theatre we had to cross a river of water. Shanna (being the adult she is) advised me to not drive through it. "WE WILL GET SWEPT AWAY!" I giggled and pounded the gas. The "river" was no match for my Terrain and we safely made it across. I throughly enjoyed "The Help". Luckily there were only 2 other viewers in the theatre because I was close to losing all control at a couple of parts. I bawled like a baby. What a great film though.

Wednesday night after dinner, Jill from Cali arrived. She caught us up on her life and we went to bed. In the morning we enjoyed the paddleboats. It was a lot of work. I am glad there were 3 of us because pedaling constantly for an hour would have been miserable. Afterwards we got on a ferry to venture to the other side of the Lake. After a 20 minute ride we arrived. It was a bust. We got off the boat and got right back in line to return to our side of the lake. Oh well, the ride was relaxing. Afterwards we had a great lunch and Jill headed off into the dessert to meet her Mom.

Friday we finished packing, we left the hotel. We planned on going to Hoover Dam on our way to the Lake but the gps took us a different route so we missed it entirely. This was a bad thing. By time we packed and drove 2 hours to the Dam we were low. We arrived to the Dam. We paid $7 dollars to park. After Shanna found a restroom we thought we would be in high spirits to conquer this tourist trap stop. We then had to make a decision, pay $23 to take a tour or pay $8 to step inside the building. We paid $8. We looked at the dam, looked at the scary bridge we recently had drove over, took a couple of photos and.........left within 20 minutes of arriving.

We decided that we struggled for a couple of reason. #1 We just wanted to get home. #2 All week we hardly saw anyone. Lake Havasu throughout the week was a ghost town. To go from no people to hundreds, was rough. #3 At this point we were tired of spending money and sending $15 on basically nothing was a shame. BUT I have now see the Hoover Dam. Check that off.......a list I never made. Below are the photos from the dam.

This is how defeated we were. Notice (go ahead and click this photo), MY FRIGGIN PANT LEGS ARE UNEVEN!  Thanks Shanna, I really appreciate you mentioning this to me. I'm sure only a hundred or two people saw this. It's such a gansta look though right?

This was on our way home, after the Dam. It was black and scary. At one point there was so much rain on the road. After returning we saw the tornado advisory on our phones. So glad I didn't see that while driving. We passed right through the tornado zone. Needless to say we were so happy to get home.
So there you have it, our Lake Havasu trip is over. We decided that it definitely wasn't the most funnest trip we have had (Seattle still wins), it was however the most relaxing trip. Once we parked the car at the resort we hardly used it again. It was nice to relax by the lake and pool with no cares in the world. It was great to not have people bugging us as well.

{Thanks Anthony for allowing me to go every couple of years! I really appreciate it, I know it is hard without me (: I did miss him tons too though.}

{Shanna, thanks for being the best road trip buddy ever! Thanks for not being obnoxious or overly whiny! We are so fun together! Thanks for being hungry whenever I'm hungry, helping me not drink too much water on the long road and most importantly the made up "Iron Chef" game when all hope was lost in the middle of no where! Thanks for all the memories buddy! "Can I get"}


Alicia said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a vacation. Sit back and relaxing. You sure are awesome at keeping up with your work outs.

Shanna said...

LOL! Your entire post was fantastic...but I absolutely loved the end! I have been giggling on the couch for several minutes now. McDonalds was HILARIOUS..."Just go, just go!"

Thank you as well, you are the bestest travel buddy in the whole world.

P.S. Sorry my Iron Chef creations were no competition for were clearly the winner of that game.

Erin Lyman Wilson said...

Ha Ha! Whenever I had to share a bed with Mike on our trips we always made a barrier after our "incident".