Sunday, June 12, 2011

I had a birthday shout hooray!

Today is my 25th birthday. Since it is a Sunday I started my birthday celebrations on Friday. Shanna got off work a little bit early and we went to dinner at Noodles and Company, then we took a trip to Red Mango because we can't ever get together without visiting that heavenly sight. After we were filled to our hearts content we were also filled with guilt so we jogged/walked for 4 miles on the trail by my house. It is always a good day when I can hang out with her. She is always so busy with her two jobs but she always finds time for me. She has been making these cute vases for others lately and I was thrilled to finally get one from her. Isn't she the cutest!?
Red Mango and Barns and Noble gift cards. She knows me well! Thanks again Shanna!

Saturday morning rolled around and I told Anthony that I wanted to go for a jog/walk on the Jordan River Walkway because I have heard that it is nice and frankly I am getting tired of the same scenery while walking my trail by the house. Bush, freeway, bird poop, lab building, police building, bush, freeway, bird poop, and so on and so on.

We made some breakfast and he told me that I could open my present from him since technically I was having my birthday. I love stretching my big day as long as possible (: He gave me a card and after I read it I put it down and looked at him anticipating something else. He laughed and grabbed a sock and wrapped it around my eyes and led me upstairs. As we approached our room he placed me in front of his closet and after adjusting my eyes I saw a bike. Now I know that getting a bike at age 25 is kind of a random gift but I have really wanted on. He has said "no"numerous times. He believes our location is not that great and it would get stolen (okay fine, thats a reasonable excuse). He didn't think I would use it that much. He always was wondering where we would store it. He must have felt okay about our location due to the fact that after 4 years of living here we have yet to be shanked. Also, I have been exercising almost every day so that much have convinced him as well. And in regards to the storage....duh, put it on the patio. If we can put our old dishwasher there like the white trash people we are, then we sure as heck can put a bike there.

After picking up the bike rack and his bike from his dads we biked 10 miles. It was so fun! The weather was perfect! Also, there was another Red Mango at the half way point (:
Not a great picture, but you can see um....1/8 of the bike as we were on our way to his dads. I was a happy gal.
Here's Anth. I have a similar picture like this but due to the excessive eating the day before I look super duper bloated. Its pretty awesome. I am going to cherish that picture.....behind closed doors. You'll never see it. Just picture me instead of Anth.

After our bike ride I met Kristi (my dear sista) and we went to Zupas for lunch. We then visited with each other at my place. After that me and Anthony went to Olive Garden, we even got dessert! Do you catch the common theme for my birthday? Yes, everyone I went fat kid on my birthday! I was like a fat kid the night before fat camp! It was amazing!

This morning I got up and made some ebelskivers. Isn't that a fun word to try to pronounce. Last year I saw a infomercial with these ebelskiver pans. They looked amazing and I just had to have one. Like all over infomercial items I moved on with my life and quietly forgot about them....until Shanna gave me the pan as a gift. I was soooo excited! They are so fun to make and so yummy! Especially if you fill them with stuff, like jam or nutella! Anyways, me and anth made our own and it was delightful.
Round pancake like slices of heaven! I also added some bananas to them.

For dinner we went over to Jolenes (his mom) and we had salmon (yum) and we celebrated mine and Mikes (lil bro) bday. It was good to be with everyone and we had a blast. Jolene got me a cute candle holder for our new table and his sister and husband got me some stuff for my bike and some girly cleaning gloves. She thinks I am a good cleaner, boy have I fooled her. Grandma and Grandpa Hammond gave me some money. Grandma came up and said "Now don't forget to spend that money on yourself." Oh Grandma, don't you worry about that.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. I am excited for next weekend to see my family. We will be celebrating mine and my moms birthday as well as Fathers Day! It is going to be a blast!

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes! I love you all! If you want an ebelskiver pan you can find them at Williams Sanoma at trolley square. Or you can come over to my place, I will make you some any time! (:

Thanks again!


The DeGiulio's said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday! The vase your friend made you was too cute, what a fun idea. And I think a bike is a great birthday present. I've been thinking I'd like a bike but Shad cant imagine me riding one. He always teases me & says have you ever rode one..

Alicia said...

Sounds like a great birthday weekend. I think I will have to come over and try some ebelskiver. Well, see ya soon.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

If I lived near you, I would bike with all the time!!