Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Dad

My dad had a surgery today. Surgeries scare me. I haven't had any experiences with surgeries but I think watching Greys Anatomy has ruined it for me. So many complications can occur and they just make me nervous. My Dad had a cyst in his knee that needed to be removed. All day I worried about this. A couple hours later my Mom called and happily told me that everything had went smoothly. I was so relieved. It got me thinking of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful Dad. I made a quick list of a portion of reason why he is #1.

  1. I will never know anyone that has a better work ethic. This also means he can help anyone build a great resume and can get you prepared for an interview.
  2. He has a great memory of his childhood, which means he is filled with great stories.
  3. He loves my Mom and us kids so unconditionally and I have never doubted that.
  4. He gives everyone a 2nd, 3rd, etc., chance. He never judges anyone.
  5. He gives the best advice.
  6. He is spiritual.
  7. He is filled with so much random info. He is so smart!
  8. He has so many talents, one of which is painting.
  9. Besides that one incident with the vacuum I can't think of a time that he ever got angry with me.
  10. Every vacation is filled with some memory of learning. I remember the trip where we learned about erosion. 
  11. He is crazy good at driving while pointing out all different sorts of wildlife. 
  12. He makes nasty tuna surprises but he is an excellent dutch oven cook.
  13. He is a professional bass fisherman (catch and release, he's no killer). It's true, he's been in magazines and tournaments. 
  14. He is an excellent grandpa.
  15. He is patient and kind.
  16. He is hilarious.
He is the best Dad ever and I love him so much! I am so blessed to have him! He will be so embarrassed but my Mom sent me this cute pic of him in his lil gown. 

Hims is cute with his pink lolly pop :)


twinsand2boys said...

What a sweet post about your dad. I got to see him a little more alert tonight. Your mom was gone when we went over, so we opened the door and yelled to your dad so we could come in haha. Glad they enjoyed the dinner. I hope it helped.

Amy and David said...

I like the lolly pop! Surgeries are way scary we have had a number of them in our family. I love your background I clicked to go look at them, They are all way cute. Did you really pay $20.00 for it?

The DeGiulio's said...

Surgeries are scary no matter what they are but so glad everything went great. He sounds like a great dad!

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Surgeries scare me too. I'm glad everything went okay! I'm diggin' the lollipop!