Sunday, May 9, 2010

Long Winded

I don't even know how to do this post. This weekend has been overwhelming and filled with many happenings! I will break them down by days.

GRADUATION DAY! It is such an odd feeling to know that Anthony is completely done with school. It almost seems surreal. I half expect him to announce that he is going to get his phd. I would literally pack my bags and take off for a couple of years. This is no lie. I am done with school and it feels great!

After I rushed him through pictures we rushed home, changed, switched cars and drove to Iron Man 2. This was important. I knew that if we didn't go to a movie than he would want to hang out with family. If he hung out with family then the surprise party plans would be delayed.

After the movie I told him I was driving. I put a scarf over his eyes and drove him to the party where about 30ish family members greeting him with a SURPRISE! It was so fun. Thank you everyone that was able to make it! I want to especially thanks the parents for helping out! There is no way I could have done it without your help. I then gave a horrible speech. I want everyone to know that I literally have been practicing a beautiful speech for weeks. I am not good in front of big all.

After the party we went to his dads and relaxed in the hot tub. Then we went to bed, exhausted.

Exhausting as well. Worked my first Saturday. Super easy. Basically I sit there for 2ish hours. Then I go home. After work I told Anthony that I was too exhausted to do anything. I didn't want to see anyone, I didn't want to do anything, I didn't even want to keep a bra on that day. Then Shanna called. I then told Anthony I was going shopping with her. My mind was changed quickly. We went mothers day shopping and had lunch.

After lunch I went home. I then realized I wasn't done shopping so I had to go to the ghetto mall by me. While at the mall I knocked over a display of soap and was near tears. After shopping me and Anthony drove to Tremonton. We were exhausted and went to bed at 10.

Woke up and made Dad, Anth and me breakfast which included eggs and french toast. Mom was being good and had her diet shake. So impressive. After breakfast we started prepping for lunch. After the other siblings arrived we celebrated Mother's Day and Kristi's birthday. Then we drove to Salt Lake and celebrated Mother's Day at his moms. Just got home, I am 100% pooped.

That was our weekend. It was so exhausting! Tomorrow is book club after work. After tomorrow I am not making any plans. I want to veg for the rest of the week.

I wish I had pictures. My camera died after 1 picture at graduation. I am relying on everyone to send me pics not only from the ceremony but from the party later that night. Thanks to anyone that takes the time to send them to me!

Sorry this was so long winded. Thanks again for all the support. Happy Mother's Day Moms! I love you all!

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