Monday, April 26, 2010

Second "First" Real Day @ Work

Friday was technically my first day at my new job. I was told to go to the Sandy Location. There I trained with my Boss. Everything I was shown/told was followed by this sentence "Well, technically you will learn a different way at the West Jordan location." Needless to say I didn't feel like I learned a whole lot.

Today I drove to the physical therapy office in West Jordan. Can I just say that it is so wonderful to get to work in 10 minutes! Upon arrival I was immediately thrown into all the insurance paperwork. Let me explain a little about me: I DO NOT UNDERSTAND INSURANCE! This is something that all adults over the age of 18 should understand. I have never had any interest in it and I have freely pleaded ignorance. Anthony is over all of this. This has been a mistake on my part because now I feel like a fool as I try to understand it at my new work, as it is the majority of what I do.

After an hour or two of being explained the basics the whole staff met in the break room for the weekly meeting. It was long, and tiresome. I felt as if everyone around me was speaking a different language. After discussing their weekly goals my boss went through every patient for the day. This was about 70 people. They discussed each patient and what they were in for. This went on for about 45 minutes, I didn't understand anything they were talking about. The tools and machines they were using on the patients, or the injuries they sustained. Everything is in codes and I just didn't get it. It was hilarious to me. I was then made fun of for drinking a slim fast while the rest of the staff ate burgers, cup of noodles and candy bars.

After the meeting the other receptionist whom I will be working with for 4 hours every day decided that she was comfortable with me. This is always a problem for me. People seem to feel awkwardly personable around me and I always find myself listening in on stuff that #1 I do not care about and #2 is too much information. I am quiet at first. I like to soak in my surroundings. I like to get a feel for people before I show my true obnoxious loud self. So therefore the obnoxious loud people around me take the opportunity and talk my ear off since I clearly am mute. Family pets, Inlaws she hates, religious views, wedding horror stories were all discussed today. Again, this was my first time meeting her and I felt as if it was a little too heavy. All she knows about me is that I have been married for 5 years and I like to read. Needless to say I do not give in easily.

I do not feel as if I learn a lot today. Luckily I have all week (8 hours a day with that same receptionist). I hope that she gets her crazy brain together enough to train me well because by Monday next week I am on my own. Not only dealing with all the insurance forms and patients but also closing the office myself. I am not overwhelmed though. I am great with people and I am really good on the phones. It's just a different process that I need to soak in.

Tomorrow is a 2 and a half hour quarterly meeting with all of the offices in Utah. Hopefully it will zoom by fast so the day doesn't drag. Fortunately lunch is provided. No slim fast drink for me.

This was a long and boring post. One or two people have asked how the job has gone so therefore I thought I would just blog about it. Sorry for those of you who don't care haha.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!


The DeGiulio's said...

That is way nice your job is 10 minutes away. Shad and I have both always worked close to home so we've been spoiled in that way. Im the same way with the insurance at the dental office I work at. We learned a little bit about all the different dental codes in my dental hygiene class before school was over. Good luck!

twinsand2boys said...

Good luck with learning everything. Glad it is closer. I tagged you on my blog.