Saturday, April 10, 2010

I wear many hats

I am going to make this as non whiny as possible. I cannot guarantee that I will accomplish this major feat but I will do my best. I am not satisfied with this whole new job business. Not only am I emotionally a mess (I'm referring back to yesterday when I was sobbing on the drive home from yet again another 10 hr shift) but also physically a mess. The "comfy" crew shoes I had to purchase from their nifty catalog are not doing what they proclaimed they would do. Or maybe it is because these shoes are not miracle workers. I'm standing for 8-10 hours (depends on when they decide to let me leave). I am so stressed out right now, there is so much to learn, as well as trying to earn the respect from the other employees whom I will eventually be supervising.

I asked the one much younger chick what time her shift was over. A simple question to answer. This was her response. "I'm suppose to get off at 2:00, but who knows how long I'll be here, I have to babysit you. This did not help the situation.

I wear many hats at this job. Let me explain

Gallery host (AKA front Desk): I hate Gallery host. It sounds too sugar coated to me, but whatever floats your boat. This is answering phones, making reservations (I have no idea how to use the making reservation system), and checking people in and out, as well as answering their dumb questions. There are 119 rooms.

Barista: This is tough for me. On the other side of the gallery host desk is a star bucks counter. So not only am I watching for guests, and answering phones I am also making lattes. The foam spatters all over and I freak out. Also, people like their coffee perfect. It's stressful, and its an art I am not so delicate at.

Bartender: I do not drink, I do not know how to pronounce the fancy smancy wine and beer. I hate it! We have a 3 hour lesson on this on Monday. I doubt I will have a different perspective after my lesson.

Cook: Along with making drinks I also have pizzas, soups, sandwiches, breakfast items and bakery dishes that I should know how to make.

Housekeeper: If the lobby is messing, well dang heck I am expected to pull out the broom and mop. Don't keep the guests waiting though!

Supervisor: I don't even want to go into this yet, I can barely answer the phone correctly

Inventory Ordering: All food in hotel, office supplies, pepsi products, starbucks, beer/wine

Catering: Did I mention that we have business rooms that you can rent out? I am now in charge of helping out with company meetings and the catering that is included with this.

These are all minor to this final issue I have. There is a script for any encounter that comes up with a guest. So not only am I struggling with checking them in but I am thinking "What is my script?" I am never EVER suppose to say "Hello, how can I help you?" I am suppose to say "How may I assist you?" I have been snapped at numerous times by my managers for saying help. Why the freak does it matter? It means the same thing. UGH!

Do you see why I am stressed? And emotional and ready to pull my hair out? I am not a quitter, except in this moment. I have sent out more resumes. For NON hotel jobs. I'm thinking a nice dentist office, where I can sit all day and smile knowing that nobody wants a latte or cappuccino.

I hope I get some calls for another job soon. I am saddened that this has not worked out....ok maybe not saddened more like pissed off and frustrated.

I failed...this was whiny, oh well.

Love, Linds

P.S Also, they lied! During my interview I was told that I would be working the 12-8 (mid day) shift. It came out yesterday that I would hardly ever have that shift but would be work the afternoon shift. 2-10, 4-midnight, and sometime til 1am. I don't think so buddy!


Shelayna said...

Awww Linds! Im sorry! Welcome to "chain" hotels. Its rough at first but eventually it gets easy. I actually think its easier than the Inn was. It took me a little while but it got easier. Hang in there! Give it a few months and you'll be "assisting" while making all sorts of latte's and baking a pizza all at the same time! :)

The DeGiulio's said...

Ok so it sounds like your working at another hotel? Are you still at the AI? Im sorry about your job :( thats the worst to be working some where you dont like. I hope you can find a new one soon.

Jill's Adventures Throughout Sunny SoCal said...

Haha, my new job is the same way..never say "how can I help you?"!

That is kind of odd that they make you do all of that -- if something small pops up, like even the printer is not working -- you don't have to bend down and fix it -- "engineering" will fix it because anything that is broken, its their job apparently. we aren't suppose to do anything outside of our front desk area. lemmmmme know how it goes this week.

Khinna said...

It's your blog. You can rant, rave, and complain as much as you want. As a former barista myself, those coffee drinks were tedious. Can I have a \ half calf, white chocolate mocha (2 pumps only), 1 pump mocha, soy latte, and no foam please? Er, m'am, you didn't scrape off all the foam. AHHH. I can't believe the hotel is giving you all these new jobs. An the schedule change? Say what!? I hope you find another job that suits you.

Jill's Adventures Throughout Sunny SoCal said...

i love your new page, where did you find it?

Shanna said...

You wear too many hats...time to take em off! :)