Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Memorable Interview

Sometimes I feel as if I can't just have a normal day. I am constantly coming across odd people and situations that make me sit back and giggle and thank the heavens above that I have been put in that exact place and time. My life is never boring. And for that I am thankful. I will explain my interview. It was the fastest interview I have ever had.

I plucked in the address in our GPS and headed out on the open road for this unheard of company. It is a piping company. What that means I have no idea. They are looking for a receptionist. I approached the creepy warehouse. As I walk in I instantly knew that it is not the place for me. I am not going to judge, but it was filled with older men, all in their 40's plus and I just felt totally out of place. I felt completely overdressed, as if I was walking in a zoo in a prom dress.

After being introduced to the Admin Assistant (A 20 something girl with hot pink hair) she led me back to an office. There I got the privilege to meet the Manager. He creeped me out. He had a big round belly and he had solitaire up on his screen and his pants were really really tight. I don't need to continue with this, just know that it was uncomfortable.

This is the conversation we had. Please keep in mind that he stared at my knee caps a lot of the time, which also was very uncomfortable.

Solitaire King: So you're Lindsey? I have your resume here, It looks like you have been working. That's good, that's good.
Me: Yes, I recently started a position at a new hotel but they switched the hours around and I am just not able to work the shifts. So therefore I am looking for something new.
Solitaire King: Well the hours here are Monday-Friday, 8-5pm.
Me: That is perfect.
Solitaire King leans back in his chair. He takes in a big breath.
Solitaire King: Welp, go ahead, start asking me questions. What do you want to know?
Me: Well honestly it seems pretty basic from what you listed online. I would be answering phones, filing, sorting mail, scanning and other office maintenance duties. If someone approaches the desk I just need to direct them, correct?
Solitaire King: Yeah if ya want. Any other questions?
Me: Ummm, nope I don't think so
Solitaire King did a 2 minutes (if that) run down of the company and how much they would be paying.
Solitaire King: Well I have one or two more people that I need to interview just because I already called and confirmed with them. It would be rude to not give them a chance. I will call you next week. Are you sure you don't have any more questions?
Me: Nope, I am good.
Solitaire King: Well then if you think of any I would love to chat with you. Just give me a call.
Me: Okay, well thanks for allowing me to take your time for an interview.
Solitaire King looks at my knee caps and says "No, Thank you."

I don't understand how he can have a feel of the person I am by the conversation he had with me. Not only did I not answer any real questions but I didn't get to show my personality at all. I don't want the position because #1 He was creepy #2 The location is isolated and creepy #3 The pay was way too low

I can do better! I have an interview on Friday at a pediatric office. I am interested in this upcoming interview and company. I hope it goes well.


Shanna said...

Good luck tomorrow! Although I love your wacky interview stories I really REALLY hope this one goes normal and they love you and hire you:) Wouldn't that be a great way to begin a weekend?

Jan DeGiulio said...

Sorry for the creepy time! But thanks for my laugh of the day. I hope your next interview goes better!