Sunday, March 28, 2010

Early Easter

Next week Anthony and I will be celebrating Easter at his Dads house. Not only will we be celebrating Easter but it's also his Dads birthday. I decided that I should have my family over for dinner today since we would be missing Easter with them next week.

It is always such a good time when the family gets together. Dinner was scrumptious. Dinner consisted of ham, potatoes, hot rolls, salad and fabulous strawberry short cake for dessert. I went to walmart yesterday and surprisingly they had the most adorable Easter decorations. I couldn't resist buying a new tablecloth.

Is that not the cutest table cloth you have ever seen?

After dinner Mom and Dad hid plastic eggs all over the house for Jaden to find. He was a riot! He is such a smart little boy and is so very entertaining to watch. After finding the eggs he sat down on the couch and opened each egg to find a different small toy or treat. At one point he opened an egg and found mini chocolates eggs inside. He screamed out "HUEVOS FOR EASTER!" We all busted out laughing mostly because we had no idea what he was saying and then Josh explained that huevos meant egg. It's embarrassing that my nephew knows more Spanish then I do. I should take a class just so that I know what he says.

Then he opened a Easter outfit and sidewalk chalk from me and Anth and some bubbles from Kristi. After playing with bubbles for awhile we then had dessert. I wish I had taken more pictures, I was so busy running around in the kitchen that I just spaced it. After dessert we played ps3 for awhile and then they went home. It was so nice to see them all! I am so excited for Spring, it was so nice outside I could have stayed out all day. I hope everyone else had a lovely Sunday afternoon. Here's one pic of Jaden and Josh playing with bubbles. He looks so happy.

On a side note, I start training tomorrow so Mon, Wed, Fri I work both jobs. They will be 13 hour days, I'm going to be pooped! I will update on Tuesday of the events.


Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

That truly is the cutest tablecloth I have ever seen. Good work my friend!

The DeGiulio's said...

What a good idea so you could spend Easter with both sides of the fam. The Easter decorations are super cute!

Jan DeGiulio said...

What a wonderful dinner. I love the center piece. Is that M&M's holding that candle up. CUTE! Good luck with your 13 hour days. It's good you are young and have LOTS of energy!